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Reading is probably our favorite activity when we have downtime.  Our little corner of the world is pretty busy--so downtime is not always easy to come by!  I taught both of our younger daughters to read long before school and they have spent their young lives reading every single thing they can from The Hungry Catepillar and Junie B. Jones to Harry Potter and college textbooks!

We are happy to offer our services to authors and readers alike!  We seek out an eclectic mix of books and authors through a few book tour sites we work with as well as a number of publishers, marketers and even individual authors themselves.  We love to review--but, do have limited time.   Please feel free to contact us to schedule a review--but, realize that we may decline due to time restraints or area of interest.  We offer additional non-review services such as featured book spotlights, author interviews and features, individual advertising and social media promotion, and giveaways.  We hope to launch podcasts  and video reviews in the very near future as well!  Learn more about working with Book Corner News & Reviews here.

Who are we at Book Corner News & Reviews?


AJ is an environmental engineering consultant turned freelance writer and lifestyle blogger.  Often writing at A Mama's Corner of the World--she may find that your book is a good fit for posts on both websites.  AJ loves memoirs, mysteries, psychological thrillers, science fiction and fantasy novels the most--but, reads a variety of books!  AJ usually mans the emails and messages, handles our scheduling and does much of the writing for Book Corner News and Reviews.


Macy will be a high school junior next year--but, will be attending college classes at The Ohio State University.  While she aspires to be a trauma surgeon and is fairly busy--she does enjoy reading dystopian and young adult fiction as well as young adult inspirational novels.  


Madelyn will be an 8th grade student.  She has already completed a few high school classes, aspires to be a psychiatrist and an actress and is often found with a book in hand.  She enjoys horror and dystopian--but, also likes to pick up young adult fiction, cookbooks and motivational or inspirational novels.


Chris is the finance guy.  He enjoys politics, economics, and faith based non-fiction.  Chris does a lot of our marketing and social media work for this site as well as A Mama's Corner of the World and our parent company CA Thompson Creative Media.

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