Monday, November 18, 2019

The Breathe Free Principles Book Spotlight & Book Tour Giveaway

Today, I have political science / philosophy book in our book spotlight.  Check out The Breathe Free Principles and learn about author Dean Galvin.

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A Philosophy for a Better America
Political Science, Philosophy
Date Published: August 2019

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The far Left and the far Right are both wrong. They are lacking a clear definition of good.

The Breathe Free Principles book gives us something to agree on. It shows why good is what results from mutually beneficial interactions. Please use it in your life.

The Left and the Right are trying to use government power to force people to do what the Left or Right want. The use of force is the problem. The American ideal of Liberty in the pursuit of happiness is a wiser way. This book will help you clarify and communicate where you stand on such issues.

It makes for a great gift for your thinking friends.

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About the Author

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Dean Galvin is someone who believes that something can be done about it. A small town boy who moved to the big city and got clobbered by life.

He wants to give you a tool to help you stop the far Left and the far Right from gaining government power to take away our liberties and otherwise control us.

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