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Bury Him Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

I was born toward the end of the Viet Nam War--but, it still touched the lives of my family and many of those around us. While my stepfather spent most of his military service career in Viet Nam--he rarely talked about his time there. Today, I have Bury Him, a memoir from U.S. Marine Capt. Doug Chamberlain in our book review spotlight as he shares his Viet Nam memories and the impacts that the experiences had on his life.  Read my review, learn about the author and enter the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Bury Him: A Memoir of the Viet Nam War by Captain Doug Chamberlain
Category:  Non-Fiction (18 +),  348 pages
Genre:  Memoir, Biographies of the Marines
Publisher:  Love the West Publications LLC
Release date:   November 2019
Content Rating:  PG + M: Some scenes of the war, no bad language, no sex.

“...His book recounts his agonized response to a direct order to 'bury' the remains of a fallen Marine in Vietnam...”
—John E. Brown, III
Past president of JBU, and former AR State Senator

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About the Book

In this frank, engaging memoir, Captain Chamberlain chronicles the missions, personal courage and sacrifice of the Marines he was privileged to command; painfully recalls the unspeakable order he and his Marines were forced to obey; and the cover-up which followed. Nearly four decades later, Captain Chamberlain makes right what was wrong; brings closure to the family of a fallen and abandoned warrior; and attempts to put to rest the guilt which plagued his military career and life. Unlike most books on the Viet Nam War, this book is written at a tactical level by a Marine Company Commander who was there.

My Review

Captain Chamberlain Opens His Viet Nam Story To Readers.  Personally, looking back, I know that my stepfather rarely talked about his experiences in Viet Nam--and I can still remember him saying once when my Mom tried to open a conversation about it-- "I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to talk about any of it. End of subject." Aside from telling my husband a couple of stories and talking about a dog that hung out on base--he never spoke about it. To read the author's personal story--from the very beginning through years of life past the conflict--I found a candid, open look at a challenging experience. Knowing how difficult it must have been for him to revisit so many memories as he documented them for readers, my heart went out to him throughout the book.

Bury Him is a Well Organized, Well Written Memoir. I love memoirs. I love sharing moments and memories of someone's life. Many memoirs meander and drift from time to time--sharing random thoughts and points from a life's journey. Chamberlain's writing style is neat and organized as he moves through his life and his experiences through well-written pages. Despite the orderly fashion--he writes from a straight point of view. He shares not only the events he faced over time--but how he processed those events and how he made attempts to cope with guilt and fix wrongs that his conscience held onto over time.  

Would I Recommend Bury Him by Captain Doug Chamberlain? Every person processes the events of their life differently. The author shares his authentic experiences and his thoughts and motivations that weighed and guided him through his life. I think memoirs like these are so significant for us all to learn from and share. If you enjoy memoirs and have an interest in accounts from the Viet Nam War--I certainly recommend this book. 

Meet the Author

Doug Chamberlain, the grandson of homesteaders in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska, grew up with the "country values" instilled in him in the rural environment of a very small community. Even though there were only 10 students in his high school graduating class, several of his classmates pursued careers, public service, and military service that took them to various locations around the world. His rural values and the foundational reinforcement of those values at the University of Wyoming and John Brown University proved to be tested in their entirety when he became a Marine Infantry Officer in the Viet Nam War. His life changing experiences in that war proved to haunt him during his search to solve a mystery that spanned 50 years...and Bury Him details the sordid facts and the horrible truth that had eluded him.

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