Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Up From Adams Street Book Review and Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have a memoir in our featured book review spotlight. Check out my thoughts on Up From Adams Street, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book TitleUp from Adams Street (a memoir) by Larry Crane
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 +),  229 pages
Genre:  Memoir
PublisherMaine Authors Publishing
Release date:   July 2019
Content Rating:  PG-13. Mild mature content. No bad language.

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About the Book

Larry Crane brings the sensibility of the post-World War II generation and a family of modest means to his fresh new novelesque memoir, Up From Adams Street. Born at home, surrounded by a neighborhood of immigrant families that burst out of the confines of Chicago to buy a lot carved out of the corn fields astride the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy rail line. As the confessed family favorite, he had a lot of expectations heaped on his shoulders, along with a sense that he was destined to fulfill that destiny. He realizes that participating in sports is a potential entrĂ©e into worlds that seem beyond his little world. Plus, he loves the games. He plays baseball, football and basketball. He caddies at golf courses. 

As he grows physically, he senses the need to expand mentally and philosophically too. A scholarship helps, then a surprise appointment to West Point follows. At the military academy, he bends to discipline, survives mandatory boxing, battles mighty Notre Dame in basketball, pitches against the legendary Yankees, conquers Mechanics of Fluids, and Calculus, discovers F. Scott Fitzgerald, befriends Red Reeder, falls in and out of love, turns 23, and becomes a man.

My Review


Larry Crane Shares Memories, Lessons Learned, and a Life Story.  The author is very open and honest as he shares his coming of age, life story with readers. The writing style is a little more novel-like than the diary-like style of many memoirs--but the author's memories and experiences shape his story and lend well to inspiring and motivating readers beyond the pages of his book. 

Up From Adams Street Follows the Author as He Finds His Place in the World. The author faced challenges and obstacles as he grew and changed and found his place in the world. Readers will find engaging stories from his life and characters and settings that bring readers into the journey. 

Would I Recommend Up From Adams Street by Larry Crane? I enjoyed reading the author's story and the messages he shared from his life lessons and experiences. While the story slowed from time to time--the author had a way of keeping readers interested in the next adventure and the next memory. For fans of memoirs, this is a great, inspirational read.


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Meet the Author

Larry Crane spent the 1960s in a military setting, first at school at West Point, and as a lieutenant in Germany. He was an advisor to a Vietnamese ranger battalion in the Central Highlands. He took on a civilian career in brokerage and banking, retiring early to concentrate on writing, producing several full length plays most notable of which is Baghdad on the Wabash. Published fiction includes a thriller,A Bridge to Treachery, a mystery novel Missing Girls: In Truth Is Justice, and an anthology of short plays and stories, Baghdad on the Wabash and Other Plays and Stories. He lives with his wife Jan in splendid isolation on Southport Island, Maine.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book.

  2. Angela, thanks so much for hosting Up From Adams Street as a stop on my virtual book tour with ireadbookstours. Your blog is engaging and interesting and I'm proud to be part of it if for only one day.