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Silence of Islands Book Review & Giveaway

I love reading poetry collections--and I recently had the opportunity to read and review Silence of Islands by w.m. raebeck.  Read my thoughts about the poetry and learn about the author in this book review feature!

Book TitleSilence of Islands — Poems by W.M. Raebeck
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 +),  170 pages
PublisherHula Cat Press
Release date:   July 2020
Content Rating:  G. this book of poems is 'grown-up' but nothing violent, explicit, illegal, profane or hardcore.

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About the Book

Poetry for the summer day, poetry for the dark night. Poems that cut a walkable trail through the forest of life. Always with a nudge and a wink, “It’ll be okay.” This collection reflects a lifetime of nature, love, travel, death, joy, art, family, and the eternal questions. A potion of emotion to soothe and move you.

My Review


Thought-Provoking Poetry Awaits Readers in Silence of Islands.  I love poetry collections, in part, because I can settle in and read just a few poems at the end of the day--or a single piece to begin my day. The poems in Silence of Islands are short and easy to read--but each will touch an emotional chord that lingers long after the poem is read. A successful poem leaves readers thinking about the meaning and intent of the words both on the page and implied. I found myself reading a poem or two each day and allowing myself time to interpret it for myself. Some of the poems will take you beyond the pages of the book.


The Author Offers a Life's Collection of Poems. The poems present an assortment of life events from a variety of times and places. Reading the author's perceptions of events as she herself has grown and changed through her life is a unique exploration of time through poetry.


Readers Will Find Easy to Read, Relatable Poetry in Silence of Islands. The author's writing style creates easy to read, well flowing, orderly poetry--that takes readers through time. It is relatively easy to find several poems that speak to your own heart and experiences in the author's work. From relationships to grief--the author covers a variety of relatable subjects for readers.  


Would I Recommend Silence of Islands by W.M. Raebeck?  Poetry is a very personal art form. Anyone can create a piece of poetry that speaks to him or herself. The gift of poetry is finding a poet who makes individual poems that speak to others. W.M. Raebeck does that in Silence of Islands. While the book is probably best perceived by those who have shared similar experiences or pondered similar questions--it is sure to be thought-provoking and inspirational to any poetry lover as well. I would definitely recommend this book to a poetry fan seeking a daily dose of poetry or a day of escape into the author's world.

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Meet the Author

W. M. Raebeck's trademarks are humorous candor, spiritual stretching, and frequent exits from the comfort zone. She lives in Hawaii, with regular Mainland visits. Her 5 books to date are true-life accounts, from the misadventures of a sugar-freak hippie chick ('I Did Inhale'), to 20 stories about art, Hollywood, and spirits ('Stars in Our Eyes'), to trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest ('Expedition Costa Rica'), to teaching yoga in Santa Monica ('Some Swamis are Fat'),* and now her poetry collection, 'Silence of Islands.' Before authoring, Raebeck was a film and television actress based in LA, London, and NYC. She went on to freelance journalism, contributing to the then-alternative world of green politics, environmental protection, U.S. involvement in Central American wars, socially conscious investing, and much more. Her articles were always accompanied by her own photography, including numerous cover stories for the LA Weekly and other papers like the East Hampton Star from her former hometown. In Raebeck's personal life, yoga and natural health (sugar notwithstanding) remain institutions. As is maintaining a zero-waste household. Animal rights and environmental activism are lifelong commitments, including all-too-frequent bird rescue. W. M. Raebeck's books are available in print and ebook worldwide, and can be ordered from any book store or library. Audio editions are in the works! For additional info, or to join the email list, visit Her next book, 'Nicaragua Story—Back Roads of the Contra War,' takes a hard look at a people's war, and will be out in 2021. * 'Some Swamis are Fat' is under the pen-name Ava Greene.

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