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Jack Gregson & the Stolen Sons Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

Middle grade fantasy novels hold special spots on my reading lists! My daughters loved magical, fantasy adventure stories--and I frequently read the chosen books either before them or with them. Although the girls rarely read them with me anymore--I still love finding new fantasy books and series. Today, I have the second book of a trilogy to share with you! Check out Jack Gregson & the Stolen Sons, learn about author Peter Wilson, read my thoughts on the book and enter for  chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


​Book Title: Jack Gregson & the Stolen Sons (book two) by Peter Wilson
Category Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 193 pages
Publisher:  Crystal Publishing, LLC
Release Date: December 2021
Content Rating:  PG. My book is rated PG because there is no sex--not even a suggestion. The language is appropriate for a 10-year-old. (Similar to Harry Potter.)
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About the Book

Dark Mystery
Ancient Prophecy
Family Secrets

When a loud, incessant knocking disturbs the peace at Gregson Manor, David and Rosie once again travel through the mysterious portal, where they encounter darkness, chaos and impossible impossibilities.

Only by fulfilling an ancient prophecy and uniting unlikely allies can they save parallel universes.

A dormant sun awaiting new dawn,
Two stolen sons their mothers mourn.
One will wake from whence they laid,
The other repeats a mistake once made.

​Who are the sons?   
My Review

Jack Gregson & the Stolen Sons is Book Two of a Trilogy. When I picked up the book to read, I missed this detail. Honestly, the author does a beautiful job re-introducing characters and relationships--and catching readers up on the essential adventures of the first book. I would certainly recommend reading the first book first. This book takes readers on new adventures, introduces new characters, revisits old scenes--and leaves readers with some loose ends for the third book. While you don't necessarily need to read the first book--I wanted to read about the referenced pieces from that first book!


Jack Gregson & the Stolen Sons if Perfect for Middle-Grade Readers. With a Harry Potter-like feel, the author brought magic and drama and some family secrets together--all while keeping his trio of magical heroes (and a heroine) tweens and teens. There is a lot of humor tossed in with action-adventure and mishaps. It will entertain and hold the interest of its target audience. It's also a fun read for parents!


Would I Recommend Jack Gregson & the Stolen Sons by Peter Wilson? This book is a fun, fantasy with an air of mystery perfectly written for middle-grade readers. I love that it is a pretty clean read and doesn't take the kid stars too far beyond their years. I would definitely recommend reading the series in order. It is a fun, easy series for middle-grade readers who enjoy the mishaps, humor, and suspense of books like Harry Potter.

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Also Available for Your Reading Enjoyment:

Book TitleJack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal (book one) by Peter Wilson
Category:  Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12), 174 pages
Publisher:  Crystal Publishing, LLC
Release Date: June 2018
Content Rating:  PG. My book is rated PG because there is no sex--not even a suggestion. The language is appropriate for a 10-year-old. (Similar to Harry Potter.)

About the Book

Something has changed at the Gregson Manor. An evil force from the family's past has returned to upheave their lives. 

Jack and his cousins explore the family secrets as they are pulled through a portal into a universe of endless worlds and possibilities. 

Together, they race to escape and destroy the evil Theorden and his followers who strive to unlock the power of the Forgotten Portal and wreak havoc on Gregson Manor and the World.

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 Meet the Author

Peter Wilson is an award-winning writer based in Sydney, Australia. His first novel, Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal has won awards internationally, in both the USA and United Kingdom, and has quickly become a favourite with young readers. Peter’s second book in his trilogy series, Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Sons, is set for release in 2021. In addition to children’s and young adult content, Peter is also interested in writing for the adult market and is currently working on a crime thriller set in his home city, Sydney.

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