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Semper Fi Brothers: A Hero's Dangerous Journey for Redemption

This morning, I have a military fiction / action adventure novel to share! I recently had the opportunity to read and review Semper Fi Brothers: A Hero's Dangerous Journey for Redemption by author A.C. Turner.  Learn about the book and author, read my thoughts on the novel & be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

​Book TitleSemper Fi Brothers: A Hero's Dangerous Journey for Redemption by A.C. Turner
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  150 pages
GenreLiterary Fiction / Military Action Fiction
Publisher:  Write My Wrongs LLC
Release date:  March 16, 2022
Content RatingPG-13 (some f-words, violence, non-explicit sex scenes)  

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About the Book

Yarmuck, Syria is under attack. ISIS goons under the command of ruthless Commander Abu, have infiltrated the village and are determined to purge it of its Yazidi heritage... by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, half a world away in California, tormented Shamus "Gunny" O'Malley-retired Marine and Vietnam Vet who's done nothing but drink his way through civilian life as a TV personality and bar owner-learns his young Yazidi bartender, Quassam, fears for the lives of the family left behind in Yarmuck.

When Quassam, "Q" to his friends, announces his plan to save his mother and sister from the ISIS goons, Gunny's hapless best friend (and best customer), Buzz, decides he's going to aid young Q on his journey, and does everything he can to convince Gunny to come along for the ride.

​With time running out and ISIS tightening its grip, Gunny has a decision to make. As the son of a white father and black mother, O'Malley knows from his time in the Marines that race can never break the bonds between semper fi brothers. Will he stay brash and boozy in sunny California, or will he take a leap of faith and journey to hellish, war-torn Syria to help his brothers and slay his-and Yarmuck's-demons?


My Review

Semper Fi Brothers is a Quick, Easy Read Packed with Action and Adventure. The author packs a lot of emotion-driven action and adventure into the short chapters of this book. Readers won't find long, drawn-out scenes or overly wordy passages--but they will still get a perfect look at the settings and characters as the plot moves along. The author makes excellent use of word choices and develops very visual scenes and characters that will pull readers in from the very beginning. 



Semper Fi Brothers Has Characters and a Storyline Perfect for Screen. As I read the book, I felt that the story offered the quick character and plot development and flashback memory scenes of a movie that helps bring the characters' pasts and motivations into the present story without lengthening the book. After I read the book, I realized that the initial intent was for this to be a screenplay. The author did a great job keeping a screenplay's straightforward, visual aspects as he grew it into a full novel that readers could still "see." 



Would I Recommend Semper Fi Brothers by A.C. Turner? I am not always a fan of military fiction--but this book hit me a little differently. It combines the characters' heart-tugging emotional need for redemption from their pasts and almost non-stop action and adventure. I enjoyed the flow of the story and was sad to leave Shamus at the end. I recommend this book to fans of action/adventure novels that combine movie-style special ops rescues with some life stories and redemption from past wrongs.


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Meet the Author

A. C. Turner's writing career began in the 1980s with a focus on screenplays. In that time, and with the help of his agent, Anne Getty, he was able to option two of them, Shoplift and Hercules Down and Out, to major film companies. Unfortunately, neither went into production, but that didn't stop the Los Angeles Times from featuring him on the front page of their Sunday edition on up-and-coming writers in Los Angeles. He then moved on to write two plays, Chickenscratch and Down and Out in Sioux Falls, which were produced at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles. He achieved all of this while raising three kids and coaching high school and junior college football, predominantly in inner-city Los Angeles. After taking twenty years off from writing, he got the itch back in his mid-fifties. He wrote Semper Fi Brothers as a screenplay and entered it in Final Draft's screenwriting contest, where it placed third out of nine thousand. The story was inspired by the military exploits of his career-soldier dad and his three overseas tours in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam as well as his Army daughter's four tours, including one in Afghanistan. The script was given to a large production company again, which was exciting at first, but when Covid-19 hit and the script found itself on the back burner, he decided to run with it and turn it into a novel, feeling the story was too inspirational not to be told.

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