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The Practical M.B.A. on Economics: What They Do & Don't Teach You at Business School Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have something a little different in our book review spotlight--a nonfiction book about economics.   Check out The Practical M.B.A. on Economics:  What They Do & Don't Teach you at Business School, learn about author Joseph Gulesserian, read my thoughts on the book & enter for a chance to win a prize at the end of this post.

Book TitleThe Practical M.B.A. on Economics "What They Do & Don’t Teach You At Business School" by Joseph Gulesserian
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  526 pages
GenreNon-Fiction Business Economics History
PublisherBrands Fifth Avenue Inc
Release date:   June 2022
Content Rating:  G. Business Book on Economics

 #1 Best-Seller in Inflation & Economics History!


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About the Book

A Plethora of Wealth - Knowledge - Insights, that will help you take over the World and Beyond!

Government and the Central Banks have been managing the economic business cycle for over 100 years, creating the biggest Ponzi scheme of money printing ever invented in the history of civilization, as we now find ourselves living in a precarious house of cards. By hallowing out our manufacturing, have we diminished our inventiveness? What role did China really play in this, and what role did our own selfish desire affect the outcome, and what was the trade-off?

Is this the beginning of the end of US monetary global dominance, and how long can we print fiat money to support the vestiges of a declining Empire? Is the cost of living going up, or is it because currency is rapidly depreciating? What is the true source of effective inflation, and why is the wealth divide becoming greater?

The pages of this book bring to light the roots of our economic order of today, and help explain the world around us, how we arrived here, and what might lie ahead.

The Practical MBA on Economics is comprehensive, fast-paced, making for magnificent theatre, full of spills and chills, from stock market crashes to sovereign debt default, to the 1944 Bretton Woods reset, the IMF, the WTO, U.S. Dollar reserve, and mercantilism. We come to meet the economic thinkers that shape our world today from Adam Smith, Richard Cantillon, John Maynard Keynes, David Ricardo, Murray Rothbard, and Milton Friedman.

With intellectual clarity, insights, wit and humour, Gulesserian challenges the narrative, simplifies complex economic ideas, and draws from historical events, to explain how we came to the current financial world order, its perils, and the future of tomorrow!

With compelling antidotes that entertain, filled with relevance and a library of knowledge that leaves the reader feeling full, and liberated to unlock the future. So, butter your popcorn, do fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the ride.  

My Review

The Practical M.B.A. on Economics Offers Value to All Readers. Let me begin by admitting that my husband has a strong background in economics, business, and finance--and has spent the last year suggesting that our two younger daughters explore the possibilities of adding M.B.A.s to their educational goals. Initially, I will also admit that I did not see the need for this if the girls had no interest in careers in business administration. After reading this book, I found a greater understanding of economic applications in our life (past and present)--and a greater appreciation for fostering that understanding in my daughters. This book presents much information to readers. While it looks a bit economic textbook-like--the actual text brings real-world examples, ideas, and analysis to the economic concepts introduced--offering readers a practical understanding of the material.


Short sections introduce loads of information. From home prices to bailouts, inflation to wealth inequality, and economic history through bitcoin--the author packs in many facts, figures, details, and ideas for readers to consider. He does write his pages presenting his own analysis and conclusions--but teaches a lot of practical information open to reader interpretation as well. The book is long but quite well presented, entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. 


Would I Recommend The Practical M.B.A. on Economics by Joseph Gulesserian? The author does an excellent job presenting many technical, economic ideas in a way that is easy to understand and interestingly thought-provoking. Our current world financial situation is one that everyone should seek to understand--and this book offers a wonderful starting point for those interested in understanding. I enjoyed revisiting some of the historical details that I was already a bit familiar with, as well as recent events from the past 20-30 years and the author's thoughts on the path ahead. I would recommend it to everyone seeking a more robust understanding of the economic principles truly at play in the world around us.


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My Review
Joseph Gulesserian is an entrepreneur and a published author, who wrote “Newspaper Boys Always Deliver”, a story of pop culture and technology. He has built and brought to market health and beauty Brands with global reach that has sent him around much of the world.

With his technical training, he has spent time on the factory floor with technologies from machine building to software information systems, for competitive advantage.

He has an insatiable eclectic curiosity for flirting with the outer parameters of the human imagination, is a student of history, loves the arts, design, the digital age, math, while believing in the tenets of the marketplace of ideas and personal liberty.

After earning his MBA from Edinburgh Business School in the U.K., he taught Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Statistics and marketing, as an adjunct professor at Toronto colleges. 

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