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Book Review Feature: How the Wicked Run by Annabelle Lewis

I love mysteries and suspense novels--especially those with some supernatural elements.  This week, I had the opportunity to read and review the latest novel from The Boston Clairvoyant series by Annabelle Lewis!  Learn about How the Wicked Run, read my thoughts on the book and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


​Book Title: How the Wicked Run (A Boston Clairvoyants Novel) by Annabelle Lewis
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 283 pages
GenreContemporary Mystery, Thriller with Romance and Humor
Publisher:  PePe Press
Release Date: Oct 2022

Content Rating:  PG13 +M: Lots of cursing, kidnapping, all sex off page, no gore

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About the Book

Destined for Love and Danger

Sidrah Keeling, well-intentioned Boston clairvoyant and stalwart protector of her newfound family of psychics, purchases a country respite hours away from her grand Boston home. Lazy Pond Farm, just outside the town of Macoun, Massachusetts is an enormous fixer-upper, but it perfectly serves her agenda of fostering romance and promoting healing. In that order.

But instead, the group encounters trouble. Fate, as usual, has her own plans.

Macoun—named after the apple—is infested with racists led by a man who harbors terrifying secrets.

Will Jenny, Max, Sidrah, Leon, and Bones—the fabulous five—have the power to change Macoun? Will they be able to rescue those who need saving?

And what about love?

As the fates do battle, so will the lives between the wicked and the good. A twisted thread. Who will break? In How the Wicked Run, romance, mystery, and adventure collide once more for this enchanting family of audacious clairvoyants.
My Review

Can be Read as a Stand Alone--But, is Better in Series. I read a lot, and I have read the other books in this series--but it had been a while, and I needed to remember some details. The author does a beautiful job filling readers in on the mysterious abilities and pasts of her characters' lives so that this novel could be read as a standalone story. However, I think reading the series in order may make some of the characters' situations and relationships more meaningful and clear to readers. Also--I love this series, and each book is well worth a spot on your reading list!


How the Wicked Run isn't a Who-Dun-it Style Mystery. The culprit behind the missing women--and even Astrid's murder--is easy enough to figure out even before he is divulged early in the novel. However, knowing the bad guy doesn't take away from the other storylines in this book! The heart of this mystery is watching good prevail over evil--and romance and healing rise from the "ashes" of the characters' past misfortunes and experiences. The author gives some twists and turns along the way and throws some hurdles and obstacles for the characters to overcome. This book brings racism to the forefront for the story's characters. Seeing the way the novel's pieces fall together to bring the characters resolution and peace while righting wrongs makes this the perfect thriller. 


Expect to Love the Characters. Even if this is the first book you have read from the series, you can expect to feel like the characters are old friends. The story has a feel-good flow as the characters use their powers and personalities to help others in need. While I love Sidrah and Max--Bones, the dog, is still my favorite.


Would I Recommend How the Wicked Run by Annabelle Lewis? This book, as well as the others in the series, is an easy-to-read page-turner that brings suspense, good vs. evil, social issues, romance, and even occasional humor. While you may solve the primary mystery quickly--there are lots of character pieces to place before the end that will keep you turning the pages. I recommend this book to fans of light mysteries and supernatural thrillers that entertain through wonderful characters and satisfying good vs. evil outcomes! 

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Meet the Author
Annabelle Lewis is a pseudonym for the author who lives in Minnesota but was raised in Texas. An important distinction for those who understand both states. When you read her work, this diversity will explain a lot. An avid reader since she got her first bicycle and a library card, she discovered the world, first through books. The mother of two children and several furry ones, she stayed home to raise her family, then stopped to take a breath and searched for new worlds to conquer. She found it with writing.

The Boston Clairvoyants novels as well as the Carrows Family Chronicles all take on the battle between good and evil. Vividly portrayed and humorously written, the reader will root for the bad guys to be taken down by the ensemble and recurring cast of characters in each series.

Annabelle considers herself a champion of the screwed over. And a dog lover. And an incredible mom. Oddly, she’s not a good dancer.

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