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NonFiction Book Review: Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life by Anne E. Beall

This morning, I have an interesting nonfiction look at some of the ins and outs of rule breaking and gender norms in fairy tales.  A while ago, I read and reviewed Cinderella Didn't Live Happily Ever After and looked forward to reading more from the author, Anne E. Beall.  Today, I have Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules to share!  Check out the book, read my thoughts, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life by Anne E. Beall
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  148 pages
Genre: Feminist, Fairy Tales, Literary Criticism
Publisher:  Independent Publishing
Release date:  Oct 2022
Content Rating:  PG + M. Some mature themes, some characters are executed for their transgressions, some violence

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About the Book

Explore the fascinating link between gender stereotypes in fairy tales and real-world life with Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules: Gender and Rule Violation in Fairy Tales and Life. This thought-provoking book carefully analyzes 200 folktales and fairy tales from around the world, uncovering a universal disparity in how male and female characters are punished for breaking the rules. Through a blend of thorough research and literary investigation, the book sheds light on how these stereotypes affect our families, politics, and education. A powerful feminist critique of social norms, this academic yet accessible exploration shows how our most cherished tales shape our cultures. 
My Review


Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules Offers Interesting Insights into Gender Roles and Differences in Fairy Tales. In this nonfiction book, the author takes a strong feminist view as she analyzes world fairy tales and their messages regarding gender treatment in "rule-breaking." In a case study like academic style, she examines rule breaking and the aftermath for the rule breakers through hundreds of fairy tales and stories. Applying her analysis of the fairy tale messages to larger pieces of modern, real-world society, she gives readers a lot to consider in this book.


Perfect for Fans of Applied Psychology and Sociological Studies.I love reading case studies and large research projects like this one.  With two daughters in college, I often find myself reading studies and academic research that they share from coursework or as parts of their own writings. If you enjoy reading more academic-feeling books that analyze the world through unique pieces--you will love Beall's ability to take our love of fairy tales and break it down into the hidden meanings and truths they really express about our society as a whole.  


Would I Recommend Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules? I love the author's ability to present research in an interesting way that everyday readers find entertaining and insightful. This book is indeed written to support a strong feminist view--but it is well-written and researched to do so. I enjoyed the book and its ideas and would recommend it to those interested in a gender-related look at society and its application of our "rules" and "punishments."


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Meet the Author

Anne E. Beall is an award-winning author whose books have been featured in People Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Sun, Hers Magazine, Ms. Career Girl, and she’s been interviewed by NBC, NPR, and WGN. Her book, Cinderella Didn’t Live Happily Ever After: The Hidden Messages in Fairy Tales won a Gold award from Literary Titan. And her Heartfelt Connections book was named one of the top 100 Notable Indie books in 2016 by Shelf Unbound. She received her PhD in social psychology from Yale University and is the founder of the strategic market-research firm, Beall Research.

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