Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Science Fiction Fantasy Spotlight: Intergalactica by F.P. Trotta

This morning, I have a science fiction fantasy novel to share!  Check out Intergalactica, and learn about author F.P. Trotta.


Science-Fiction / Fantasy

Date Published: 06/29/23     


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about the book

On launch day of NASA's long-awaited expedition to explore Jupiter's moon Europa, neuropsychiatrist Amanda wakes up from a coma after months battling acute meningitis. Along with two patients, they discover they are part of a growing puzzle involving an underground geopolitical corporation called The Firm, which plans to sabotage the mission, taking advantage of a new technology to hijack the ship and set a course to a habitable planet located seventeen light-years away from Earth.

about the author

A love for space operas with controversial and adult themes along with a hint of lovecraftian horror are F. P. Trotta's specialty - born in Rio de Janeiro in the Early 90s, Intergalactica was originally published in Brazil in 2016. The Intergalactica book series went on to move tens of thousands of physical copies in Portuguese and is currently the only ongoing space opera franchise published in Brazil.

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