Thursday, March 14, 2024

Book Review: The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce by Lisa Toth

This morning, I have a rather unique business "memoir" style book to share! Check out The Secret of the Hidden Workforce, learn about author Lisa Toth, read my thoughts on the book and be sure to enter the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


​Book Title:  The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce by Lisa Toth
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  142 pages
GenreNonfiction Occupational
Publisher:  Yorkshire Publishing
Release date:  March, 2024
Content Rating:  PG. Suitable for all adults 17+
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About the Book

Radio show host, Lisa Toth shares how she created a staffing agency for the developmentally disabled population. Over the years, Toth has helped thousands of individuals with disabilities find work that Is not only a good fit for their strengths, but also work they find fulfilling. Readers will enjoy this collection of inspiring stories, as well as the honest candor with which Lisa shares the lessons she learned along the way. She and her clients have faced daunting obstacles and challenges that would make many give up. It's the challenges that make the successes extra sweet for all of them.
My Review

Readers Should Expect to Be Inspired. I love reading stories of people following their passions, finding their paths in life and creating a career that is fulfilling to them and serves others. Lisa Toth has found her calling and her passion for working with differently-abled individual shines through in this book as she details her experiences and endeavors in tapping into the "hidden workforce." Readers will be inspired by both the author's passion for her work and by the individual stories that she highlights.


The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce is Easy to Read From the Very Beginning. The author has a very easy to read writing style, blending stories and experiences with educational tidbits about the differently-abled and the challenges and triumphs they face in the workforce. The author does a wonderful job creating a well-written, well-organized book that is informative and inspiring while also being personal, real, and heartwarming. 


Would I Recommend The Secrets of the Hidden Workforce by Lisa Toth? I enjoyed reading this book, learning about the author and her work, and reading the stories of a "hidden" group that I hadn't read or really learned about before. For those sharing Toth's interests, her insights and business development experiences are educational. For those interested in supporting and understanding the obstacles and challenges face by differently-abled individuals in the workplace, this book is an interesting read from beginning to end. 


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Meet the Author
Lisa Toth, CEO Owner at Rise Staffing is passionate about employment. Her favorite thing is matching people with great employers! In addition to this workToth is the host of the successful radio show "The Hidden Workforce," a show about the positive impact people with different abilities bring to the workforce. 

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