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Book Review: Peace Tigers by Dave Martelon

I enjoy science fiction / fantasy novels and especially love them when they are easy to read and feel realistic and relatable. Today, I have a novel from author Dave Martelon that blends science fiction and spirituality with a humor and reality in a unique way. Check out Peace Tigers, learn about author Dave Martelon, read my thoughts on the and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


​Book Title:  Peace Tigers by Dave Martelon
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  436 pages
Genre: Coming-of-Age Fantasy
PublisherPeace Tigers, LLC
Release date:  October 2023
Content Rating:  PG-13 for one f-word, mild romance, and battle scenes.

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About the Book


Reality, as we understand it, is about to be redefined. Malcolm Tilden, a former DC native and reluctant initiate in a Tibetan monastery, embarks on a journey to meet his fate. In the wake of a global catastrophe, Malcolm and his best friend, Aimi Ueshiba, must face of against the sinister Music Man and his reptilian army to fulfill a prophecy as old as civilization. It isn't as glamorous as it sounds, and the conflict isn't over.

Fortunately, they have some quirky but powerful mentors. To succeed and live to train the next generation of initiates, they have to embrace a blend of ancient and modern mysteries, joining their heads and their hearts in a shared destiny to bring peace back to their neighborhood--and the world beyond.

Peace Tigers is an engaging blend of science fiction and spiritual exploration, challenging us to the true nature of our purpose. Come discover these enigmatic secrets one lesson at a time.
My Review

Expect a unique coming-of-age story. The author creates a science fiction fantasy world that is both interesting and entertaining and feels honest and thought-provoking. As the characters grow and learn the lessons of the past (and present) and discover and understand elements of self-love and compassion, readers will find many thought-provoking opportunities for reflection as well. While the science fiction style "save the world from evil-doers" premise exists in the novel, there is a lot of real-world value to the lessons learned along the way. 


Every character plays a part. Books with long casts of characters are sometimes daunting for me to keep them all organized in my mind. While this book has many characters, the author does another beautiful job in keeping the storylines well drawn and easy to follow--and ensuring that every character has significance to the overall storyline. You will definitely find characters to love (like Grandmother), but most will entertain, educate and add something unique to the novel.  


Would I recommend Peace Tigers? Absolutely. I was captivated by the novel's flow and the way it presents coming-of-age lessons. It seamlessly blends science fiction and spirituality, making both themes accessible and enjoyable. The book offers a mix of humor, life lessons, fantasy elements, and a science fiction backdrop that will keep you engrossed even after you've turned the last page. If you're a fan of science fiction, supernatural novels, and unique coming-of-age stories, this book is a must-read.

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Meet the Author

Dave Martelon is the author of Peace Tigers. A technology executive by trade, Dave never aspired to write a novel. Nevertheless, in witnessing the trend of separation in society, he was compelled to the pen. Inspired by three lifelong interests--the Japanese martial art form Aikido, quantum physics, and world peace--Peace Tigers is a call to action to solve what ails us, a call for more Peace Tigers.

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