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Memoir Spotlight: From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon by Dr. Victoria Johnson

I love finding unique memoirs to share! Today, I have a memoir from author and physician, Victoria Johnson M.D. Check out the book, learn about the author, and read my thoughts on the book!

​Book Title:  From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon by Victoria Johnson M.D.
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  125 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir
Publisher:  Yorkshire Publishing
Release date:  Jan 19  2024
Content Rating:  PG. Suitable for adult audiences.

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About the Book

​In her 20 years in practice, people frequently ask, how did Dr. Victoria Johnson become so well known? How has her company grown so considerably? From humble beginnings at a two room shop at a shopping mall to running a two-story mega medical spa with over 4,000 patients and a staff of twenty, the autobiography From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon tells the fast-paced story of her rise out of emotional ashes to become a nationally acclaimed aesthetic medical doctor.


My Review

From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon Tells a Motivational Story. This memoir is short, but the author packs a lot of detail into her words. As she brings readers into her life's ups and downs, she tells a rather inspirational story of overcoming obstacles, holding faith, and growing through adversity. It's always easy to see a successful person fail to realize that they, too, had to journey through life to reach their goals and current successes. Dr. Victoria Johnson is no exception. While her life story may not mirror your own, it is still surprisingly relatable and inspirational.  

Readers will Find a Down to Earth Writing Style and Elements of Faith. The author draws on her faith through much of her story. While there is certainly a religious, faith-filled element to the author's life, it isn't presented in a heavy manner. In spite of the author's success and career path, she writes her story in a very down-to-earth, easy to read fashion that is not only encouraging and inspiring, but also comfortable for readers to engage with.   

Would I Recommend From Trophy Wife to Cosmetic Surgeon by Dr. Victoria Johnson? I enjoyed reading Johnson's story. It's always interesting to "review" a memoir because the purpose of a memoir is to share unique pieces of the author and their life with readers. My first thought was that I was nothing like a "trophy wife" and would not relate to Johnson's "trophy wife" life or her path to becoming a sought-after physician. I was surprised as I became quite interested in the author's story and the outcomes of her ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs. If you enjoy easy-to-read memoirs with encouraging stories of perseverance and faith, this book is interesting and engaging.


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Author Victoria Johnson
Meet the Author

Victoria Johnson, MD, is a well-known physician in the practice of aesthetic medicine. She has pioneered many state-of-the-art laser procedures and surgeries and has helped guide the field for more than twenty years. Dr. Johnson is a published author and has served on many medical boards and committees. She continues to teach other physicians the art of aesthetic medical practice and various medical techniques. Dr. Johnson has won many distinguished awards, but her favorite things in life are her husband and family.

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