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Epic Fantasy Review: The Ghosts of Rathalla by Matthew K. Perkins

This morning, I have an epic fantasy adventure novel to share! Check out The Ghosts of Rathalla, read my thoughts on the novel, learn about author Matthew K. Perkins, and be sure to check out the other tour stops and enter the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

​Book Title:  The Ghosts of Rathalla by Matthew K. Perkins
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  200 pages
GenreEpic fantasy
PublisherResource Publications
Release date:  February 2024
Content Rating:  PG-13: Some swearing and violence. 

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About the Book

Set in a world that is dominated by a vast desert, two friends are caught in the middle of a civil war. She’s a warrior. He’s a musician. When they discover that the crux of the war is a prophesied newborn baby that one side will do anything to destroy, they become the only people capable of saving the child’s life—all that stands in their way is an active volcano, a barbarian army, and a cunning assassin with motives of his own.
My Review

Perkins Creates an Intricate Epic Fantasy World with Amazing Characters in The Ghosts of Rathalla. I often shy away from "epic fantasy" novels. I love fantasy plots, but when I see the words "epic fantasy," I think of an overwhelming book with a thousand pages filled with supplemental information like maps, glossaries, family trees, etc.,  necessary for the epic fantasy to make any sense. This novel is absolutely perfect. The author makes incredible use of every single word in this novel to create an intricate fantasy world, develop strong, inspiring characters, and weave together various tribes, histories, relationships, beliefs, and points of view. The novel is action-packed, the dialogue is well-placed, and the flow of the scenes is realistic. In less than 200 pages, the author creates a unique fantasy world, wonderful characters, and a suspenseful storyline that (hopefully) sets the stage for a series I was sad to leave.


Expect Heroes. In a world where I expect to be disappointed in people, I generally find that the heroes and heroines in fantasies often also disappoint.  The author does a wonderful job creating heroic characters that follow their own moral compasses--but also feel natural and human.  Watching the characters learn and grow together and through the scenes to accomplish their goals allowed me to become quite attached to the story's outcomes.


Would I Recommend The Ghosts of Rathalla by Matthew K. Perkins? It took me several pages to fall into the author's world-building and characters--but once the pieces began to click together, I couldn't put the book down until the end. I will definitely pick up another book from the author without hesitation.  If you enjoy well written, thoroughly developed fantasy worlds with strong engaging characters, this novel is a must read. You will find some resolution to the immediate story--but you will also want to follow the story and the characters in more adventures.

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Meet the Author

Matthew K. Perkins is a proud Wyoming native, where he completed an MA in English Literature from the state’s lone university. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife, three sons, and two dogs. He is the author of two novels, 'Saint in Vain' (2018) and 'The Ghosts of Rathalla' (2024).

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