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Middle Grade Fiction Review: The New Enchantress by Sunayna Prasad

This week, I have been sharing books from the Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions series by Sunayna Prasad! Check out The New Enchantress, read my thoughts on the book, and learn about author Sunayna Prasad! Later this week, I will be sharing some reviews of books from this series, so be sure to stop back for those too!

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Book Title:  The New Enchantress (Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions, Book 3) by Sunayna Prasad
Category:  Middle-Grade Fiction (Ages 8-12),  175 pages
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher:  Amazon KDP
Release date:   March 2021
Content Rating:  PG: Some intense scenes and mild language.

About the Book

The point of no return has come!

It’s the summer before high school and life is about to change for fourteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy. A sorcerer hexes her with everlasting powers, requiring her to become an enchantress. If she cannot learn to control her magic pronto, she will forget her loved ones and serve as the warlock’s eternal slave.

In order to control her powers, Alyssa must gain control of her emotions. With the struggles of adolescence and disasters everywhere, catastrophes are bound to happen! It’s only a matter of time before Alyssa’s world changes, for better or worse...
My Review


The New Enchantress is Geared Toward Middle School Readers. The books in this series can be read as stand alone stories. This one seems a little abrupt in launching readers into Alyssa's latest story--so, it may benefit you to read the previous books to feel a little more connected to the main character and her magical past. In this series, the characters are middle school aged children. Their dialogue and actions may not be very relatable for older teens or adult parent readers. Some of the behavior and conversations are disappointing for adult readers--but, it is emotional and filled with tween coming of age style dramatics. Readers, ages 8-11 or so, will likely find the friendship dynamics and the main character's emotions more relatable and acceptable.


Fast Paced and Engaging--But, Maybe a Little Long for the Intended Audience.  The books in this series are action packed and fast paced. This book is a little more emotional and abrupt than the others. While the storyline is interesting and engaging for tweens, it is a pretty simple novel that doesn't hold much depth for adults and older teens and may be a little too long for the younger range of the middle school audience. Having said that, there are many tween, middle school-aged behaviors and learning opportunities for younger readers in this series as they face their transitioning from middle school to high school and learn to navigate mistakes and friendships.

Would I recommend The New Enchantress? This is an engaging fantasy story for older elementary-aged readers and younger middle-school children. As a parent, I didn't love Alyssa's character and the simplistic plot was generally more unrealistic than I would like. However, younger readers should enjoy the modern fantasy elements of the series and relate well to Alyssa and her transition to older teen/high school. 

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Meet the Author

Sunayna is passionate about world-building as well as fantasy and magic. She especially likes reading fantasy books as well as creating original magical creatures and other enchanted elements She also likes to blog, cook, draw, and get active.

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