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Young Adult Dystopian Fiction Review: Deception is our Remedy by Alexandra Gavranovic

When my daughters were teens, we loved reading young adult fiction together. Dystopian, post-apocalyptic thrillers and series were our favorites. I always enjoy finding new novels and authors in this genre. Today, I am sharing my review of Deception is Our Remedy. Check out the novel, read my thoughts on the book, learn about author Alexandra Gavranovic and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


​Book Title:  DECEPTION IS OUR REMEDY by Alexandra Gavranovic
Category:  YA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  412 pages
GenreYA dystopian; YA survival stories; Sci-fi Fantasy
PublisherDumetella Press
Release date:  March 2024
Content Rating:  PG: Some minimal fight scenes and acts of violence
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About the Book

What if everything you thought you knew about the world - and yourself - was a lie? What would you do?

For 17-year-old Callista, growing up in a world stripped of all its color after the great climate crisis, every day looks the same in her Neighborhood. There are no other kids her age except for her best friend, Reggie. There are no events or activities. And there is no leaving. Cal rarely even steps outside her house except to pick up the month’s worth of dry, rationed food courtesy of the Government or for her routine trip to the doctor, which always leaves her feeling groggy and depleted.

And while she knows that she should just accept this life, she can’t help but wonder if there is something she isn’t being told. From whispered conversations she overhears of her parents to nightmares that feel more like memories jarring her awake in the middle of the night, Cal finally decides to find out for herself if there is something beyond the towering gates of her Neighborhood. Something that can provide answers.

But what she finds is more shocking than she could have imagined. When a giant floating object of immense light transports her to an abandoned city, Cal meets more people her age who also grew up in Neighborhoods. And, like the orb of light she can suddenly summon with her mind, these other people are also gifted with special abilities.

Before she can determine what is going on, they are all herded to a special Academy for the gifted, where they will learn to hone their abilities with other students just like them.

​But as Cal unravels her nightmares, everything she thought she knew about her former life starts to rip at the seams. And, as she spends more time with her fellow students in the Academy, she begins to wonder if she really escaped the Neighborhood at all.

Deception is Our Remedy is a fast-paced, dystopian adventure that will leave you guessing at every turn.
My Review


Deception is our Remedy Builds a Dystopian World. This book is long, filled with character introductions, world-building, and a series of twists and turns that move the characters through an action-packed plot. The novel blends elements from various fantasy and dystopian ideas to create a well-done world for the author's characters and, presumably, a related series. While teens coming to terms with abilities to fight injustice isn't unique, the author still creates interesting characters and engaging storylines while keeping the novel young adult-friendly.


Great Read for younger young adults. I enjoyed the characters but found some of their thoughts and actions immature. This book is intended for young adult readers/teens, so it actually fits the genre well—it just didn't pull older adult me in completely at times. I did like that the action scenes were realistically action-packed without being overly graphic or presented unnecessarily to the plot. The romance elements were also well suited to a teen audience.


Would I Recommend Deception in our Remedy? I enjoyed the characters in this novel and would follow them further into a series. The book is geared toward teen/young adult readers, so older adults may find some elements of the book a little overdone as the immature characters come to similar, almost repetitive teen-age realizations at times. I did become attached to the characters and enjoyed the book. I would recommend it to fans of young adult dystopian novels with engaging teen-leading characters.

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Meet the Author

Alexandra Gavranovic lives in Georgia where she is studying Public Relations. She has been writing and crafting stories since she was a young girl, and enjoys the process of being creative. When she’s not studying for her college classes, Alix enjoys spending time with her two cats and her dog, reading dystopian novels, and playing video games. She is also an avid pianist with 12 years of experience. Deception Is Our Remedy is her first published novel.

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  2. Thank you so much for the review!! I am so glad you enjoyed following along with Callista's story.