Monday, March 2, 2020

The Caledonians Book Spotlight

Today, I am featuring a historical fiction novel in our book spotlight.  Check out The Caledonians and learn about author Yvonne Ridley!

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About the Book

Scottish history master Mr Petrie has the gift of eternal life. Working for a group of mystical superior beings, his time-travelling missions land him in all sorts of death-defying scrapes and encounters, sometimes with famous and ruthless people. To help him in his dangerous work, he's told to find a young apprentice. Duncan Dewar could be a candidate but has his own secrets too, and without realising it, their lives are indelibly linked.

“The book is based on the fictional antics of a time travelling Scottish history master based in Dumfries and Galloway. There are subplots involving gender, class and climate change and one of the key characters is deliberately ambiguous in gender - only the reader can decide on his/her gender.” – Yvonne Ridley

Praise for The Caledonians

“A roller coaster ride and white knuckle read. From the very first page, this is a rip-roaring fictional thriller that plunges the reader headlong into the blood, guts and savagery that came to define Scotland’s turbulent and colourful history. The book is meant to be for young adults but, it will appeal to all ages especially those interested in Scotland as seen through the eyes of the mysterious Scottish history master, Mr Petrie. With its gangsters, dodgy spies, Russian mafia and decidedly sinister Establishment figures the book, Mr Petrie’s Apprentice, is a gripping read which would lend itself perfectly for a Netflix series. Who knows?” – Review by Marcella Milbanke, WTX News 

“Thoroughly enjoyed the read. It reflects the gory history of Scotland, although several chapters are set in the Russian city of St Petersburg. The storylines are also quite interesting ranging from Harry Potterish to James Bond and the pace jumps about between these themes, but it seems to work quite well. There are some subliminal messages in there about climate change, the futility of war and class. I love the main character Mr Petrie. It really triggered some childhood memories for me. In conclusion, loved the book, the storylines and the characters; really an unexpected pleasure and so I'm sure parents will enjoy it as much as their kids.”     -5* Review

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About the Author

British journalist Yvonne Ridley has had a successful career in the media spanning four decades. She was the British journalist captured by the Taliban trying to get into Afghanistan wearing a burka. Now she is a convert to Islam and a fierce critic of the West. Yvonne Ridley talks terror, war and women's rights. 

The former Fleet Street reporter has written several books, but this is her first departure into the world of fiction. Following her time working on the set of Outlander, Yvonne became interested in the dramatic scenery and surroundings of her remote Scottish farm and the rich but often violent history of the Borders, which inspired The Caledonians. 

The actor Hattie Morahan plays Yvonne in the film Official Secrets starring Keira Knightley and Matt Smith. The movie originates from a story she was given by a GCHQ whistleblower, which she then passed on to The Observer.

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