Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Incandescent Visions Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have a book of poetry in our review spotlight. I have always enjoyed poetry--but, rarely find the time to read it often these days. Today, I am excited to share Incandescent Visions, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Incandescent Visions  by Lee Hudspeth
Category:  Adult fiction 18 yrs +,  64 pages
Genre:  Poetry
Publisher:  George Lee Hudspeth Jr.
Release date:   December  2019
Content Rating:  PG-13. Curse words: Three total, of the “mild” variety (godd*mn, hell, sh*t... one use for each). No f-words. No violence, no sexual content, no drug use, no underage drinking. 

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About the Book

Having written numerous works of nonfiction, this is Lee Hudspeth’s debut book of poetry. Incandescent Visions explores the meaning of the human experience, as the author encourages his readers to ponder the universe and their place within it, and to catalyze their own creative potential. From the sublime shores of the Mediterranean to the majestic expansiveness of deep space, this book contemplates nostalgia, perspective and the gift of love. Through five short yet powerful, thought-provoking chapters of contemporary poems—and a dash of elegant, evocative haiku—Hudspeth takes his readers on a journey across the inner landscape of struggle, triumph, self-realization and imagination.

My Review

Incandescent Visions Shares More Than Poetry. I have always felt that poetry offers the opportunity for the author to share so much more meaning than is present in the written words. When a poem speaks to a reader, it is because the words are thought-provoking enough to pull up deeper emotions and memories. Hudspeth writes very relatable poetry that inspires readers to reflect and imagine the words from their own perspectives and experiences--as poetry should. While I was able to place many of the poems into my own world and feel their meanings--it was beautiful for the author to share some of his personal inspiration and motivations behind some of his poems. Many of us who have read poems--and took away a "meaning"--and had others "hear" different words and feel different emotions. I loved having the opportunity to analyze the author's words--and hear his actual thoughts on some of the pieces. 

Poetry is Hard to Review--and Rate. Poetry, by nature, is personal. There are an emotional, storytelling component and rules for certain poetry types. All in all, poetry isn't graded on its "plot"--or how well the characters and the story develop. Poetry is often personal to the writer--yet, when written well and shared--it can inspire and take on so many different meanings to others. This book was short, easy to read--and each poem brought something more to me beyond the pages. Whether I remembered a time in my life or a person--or it brought a bit of clarity to a situation or a memory--I enjoyed reading this book. I also enjoyed getting to know the author as he shared more of himself beyond the poetry.

Would I Recommend Incandescent Visions by Lee Hudspeth? I enjoyed the poetry--and I also enjoyed the almost memoir-like feel that the author gave to the book as he shared meanings and insights with each chapter. If you enjoy poetry that flows well from poem to poem--but can also be read a few at a time--I would give this book a look. I love the personal touch that readers have as the author opens up some of the stories and motivations behind his poems. I would definitely recommend this poetry book to poetry fans and memoir lovers too.

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Meet the Author

Lee Hudspeth is a poet, writer, musician and fellow human being. Incandescent Visions is his first book of poetry. He is the co-author of ten nonfiction books in the field of Information Technology. He has written articles for professional journals like PC Computing and Office Computing. He is the author of over one hundred articles in the online magazine The Naked PC, which he co-founded and co-published. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two sons and their cat. Find out more about Lee, his books and his music on his website.

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  1. Angela, thank you for taking the time to read, reflect on, and review my book. I’m glad you enjoyed my poems and I appreciate you introducing me to your audience. Smiles.