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Dirty Wedding Dress: The Dirty Past Book Spotlight & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have a romance novel in our book spotlight.  Check out Dirty Wedding Dress, learn about author Audrey Malone, read an excerpt--and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

The Dirty Past


Date Published: February 19, 2020

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Company

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About the Book

Don’t get drug through the mud to end up at the altar in a dirty wedding dress”

I swear, every day of my life, not a day goes by where there isn't a relationship crises that I am pulled into. It doesn't matter where I go; someone is talking about relationships and marriages. Hell, love and relationships are the top talking points at my gynecologist office, geesh!

Both men and women aspire to attain a traditional “happily ever after” in their relationships/marriages, it seems. However, it's looking more and more as if the tradition of marriage is being discarded and strewn to the wayside in our fast-paced society.

Too many relationships are plagued with infidelity, abuse, financial woes, and an absence of a spiritual foundation. With that recipe, how can a relationship survive and thrive?

After countless lessons in my life and simply observing others, I’ve witnessed and learned a lot. If marriage or a committed relationship is what you desire, complaining to others will most likely not yield a positive result.

There are some things you must never forget! Some things are good. Some things are bad. Others are simply a lesson you’re meant to learn.

You are about to experience an immersive lesson on relationships and what it all means in this real world, and it's guaranteed to be a lesson you will never forget!


Read an Excerpt


“Her white dress and white veil signifies her innocence, with is glowingly visible on her face. Meanwhile, her side smile tells the entire story of her tainted love affair.”

“Some of our behaviors were quite nefarious. Behind the “good girl” public image, there lived a fun girl to the 100th power!”

“But through it all, your father always professed his love for me. He swore he’d never leave me. He said he didn’t know why he beat me, but he was so sorry…. always sorry.”

“I thought if I could just hold on and gain the title of being his wife, all the wrongdoings would somehow instantaneously be made right. “

“He would come by our house to see my mother for a few hours, here and there. He never once stayed overnight.”

“Barely able to speak, she said, “I can’t do this anymore.”

“I try to be a good husband to you. I am a good husband! The unfortunate truth is you have no idea what a good man is”.

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Dirty Wedding Dress

The Dirty Cheater”

The Novel

The Day I Met Oprah”

About the Author

I am a published Author of a 5- star rated romance novel. Go figure!

Most of us have unrealized dreams and aspirations, right? In many cases some never reach their full potential because the biggest obstacle in stagnation is self. You’ve heard the saying “ Get out of your own way!”

Since writing Dirty Wedding Dress : The Dirty Past, I’ve been asked by other aspiring Authors the exact same question; How did you do it?

Well, I remember when my journey began. It was over 35 years ago! Yes, that is how long this process has been in the works for me.

At around age 16, I began having a recurring dream. In the dream, I found myself speaking before an incalculable audience of people.

For many years afterwards, I questioned God. I sought answers to the who, what, when and where. “God, why am I having the same dream but more importantly what in the world am I talking about that people are interested in hearing?”

As with most things, when I didn’t receive immediate clarification, I simply continued living. Life goes on was my thinking,

In 2014, I had another dream. But, in this dream, I saw the words Dirty Wedding Dress. I mumbled under my voice, “hmmm, interesting.” I vaguely remember writing on that subject, but then I stopped. I mean we all know how life can be. Too busy to add another line item to my overcrowded To Do List, right?

I continued on about my busy life. Until one night in 2019, I had another dream. The same as before. The words Dirty Wedding Dress. I paused.

In my past, I was not what I considered to be a “serial dater.” I never married. I enjoyed being a free spirit. I guess that is the Aquarius in me. The social butterfly.

Ironically, at this exact same time, I was in a relationship and let me tell you, that is an entirely different novel of its own! Dating these days is nothing like I remember, I will just leave it there for now.

But getting back to the dream and the words Dirty Wedding Dress. I felt different about the dream this time. It felt like a “charge” a demand even. I quickly began doing what most do when we do not want to comply with something. I began making excuses.

I told myself I was busy. I was tired. I was sick. I tried everything. But I could not shake the “charge.”

Once I accepted that I would complete writing the book Dirty Wedding Dress, I began researching. I had been an owner of an Independent Record Label during the 2000’s. I knew I would need a Publisher.

I called my current Publisher, Dorrance Publishing. I remember asking the agent a very straight forward question, “how do I write a book?” We both chuckled! Little did he know, I was profoundly serious because I had only read 2 books in my entire life. PS I love you and the King James Bible (which I have been working on half of my life and it is still pending)

I did not know the first thing about writing a book. But the agent’s response somehow calmed my fears. He said, “if you can tell a good story, you can write a book.”

Later that night, I prayed about writing the book Dirty Wedding Dress. When I awoke, I knew that I had been writing this book my entire life. When I sat down at my computer the words seemingly attached themselves to paper, effortlessly.

To all who aspire to write a book or whatever that nagging voice is telling you to do, I say stop making excuses and do it! It may just change your life as it has changed mine️.

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