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Blood of the Dragonfly Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

I love mystery novels--and have read and reviewed several books from Hawk MacKinney's Moccasin Hollow Mystery series.  Today, I have the fifth book--Blood of the Dragonfly to share with you!  Read my thoughts, learn about the author and the book--and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Blood of the Dragonfly ( The Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series - Book V)
Author:  Hawk MacKinney
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+), 227 pages
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense
Publisher:  Sage Words Publishing
Release date:  Feb 2021
Content Rating:  PG. There are graphic death scenes.

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About the Book

While dangling a fishing hook from his flat bottom skiff before dawn, former SEAL-turned-PI Craige Ingram spots grey-black smoke coiling above the treetops across the river in the direction of the Georgia bayous and Corpsewood Manor. Bayou or bogs, fire in the uncut cypress and pines bodes a sense that the river is no barrier to the fire that threatens his ancestral home, Moccasin Hollow. Neither are the bodies later found in the burned mansion of Corpsewood Manor. Craige wastes no time in helping his ex-SEAL buddy Lt. Graysen MacGerald who is now Head of Buckingham Homicide Investigations by unofficially investigating the bodies and an exquisite dragonfly brooch found in the mansion with a reputation for evil, hauntings, and mystery. 


My Review

Blood of the Dragonfly Brings Readers Detailed Settings and Well Developed Characters. While this book is part of a series--there is never a point where the author leaves readers feeling that something has been missed. He doesn't necessarily revisit and rehash previous adventures. Still, he gives readers enough detail that it becomes pretty easy to fall into the current novel's setting and plot--while becoming quite attached to his cast of characters. The initial storyline and character development may create a slow start to the book for some readers--but the author's writing style uses that groundwork well once his story picks up the pace. He begins weaving twists and turns into the mystery. 

Expect to Enjoy the characters. As with the author's other books, he creates his story around some real-world grounded characters. Readers won't find perfect characters--but somewhat flawed ones with good intentions (or ones with real-world, less than stellar choices). I enjoy Ingram's character and his blend of "small town" guy with military/investigator characteristics. If you haven't read the other books of the series, you will become attached to Ingram quite quickly--if you have read more from the series, you will find that the author continues to keep his star true to character.


Expect a Suspenseful Journey for Readers. I enjoy MacKinney's mystery writing, and this novel is no exception. He creates just enough twists and turns to keep the mystery a mystery until later in the book--but doesn't throw in unnecessary or unrealistic twists that complicate or confuse readers. Once you settle into the story and the author's writing style--the mystery, the characters, and the detailed scenes combine for an exceptionally well-written novel that keeps readers engaged to the end.

Would I recommend Blood of the Dragonfly by Hawk MacKinney? MacKinney writes mystery novels that are packed with action and suspense and characters to love. I have enjoyed every book of the series and I would certainly recommend this book to murder mystery fans who enjoy realistic characters and being kept in suspense.

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About the Author

Hawk MacKinney began writing mysteries for his school newspaper, served in the US Navy for over 20 years, earned two postgraduate degrees with studies in languages and history, taught postgraduate courses in the United States and Jerusalem, authored professional articles and chordate embryology texts on fetal and adult anatomy, and is well known for his works of fiction. Moccasin Trace, a historical novel, was nominated for the prestigious Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction and the Writers Notes Book Award. Both his CAIRNS OF SANCTUARIE science fiction series and the MOCCASIN HOLLOW MYSTERY series have received worldwide recognition.

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  1. Angela THOMPSON, Book Corner New & Reviews, - Thank you for hosting/reviewing Blood of the Dragonfly, Book-5 in the Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series – it is much appreciated. Book-6 in the mystery series is in final edit as well as the working draft of the next sci-fi title in that series. An earlier prequel title, Moccasin Trace, is a historical romance, establishing the bloodline(s) of serial protagonist Craige Ingram in the Moccasin Hollow series.

    Hawk MacKinney