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Your Writing Matters Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

We post a lot of books for readers--but, today, we have one for the writers and creators! I have shared writer guides and resources from Colleen M. Story in the past. Today, I have another to help motivate and guide writers toward their writing goals. Check out Your Writing Matter: How to Banish Self Doubt, Trust Yourself, and Go the Distance--read my thoughts on the book, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Title:  Your Writing Matters: How to Banish Self-Doubt, Trust Yourself, and Go the Distance by Colleen M. Story
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  260 pages
GenreNon-fiction Writing/Publishing
Publisher:  Midchannel Press
Release date:  July 2021
Content Rating: G



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About the Book

Does your future as a writer feel uncertain?

You write day after day. You dream of bestseller’s lists and royalty checks, but despite your best marketing efforts, those dreams remain out of reach.

You wonder if you’re wasting your time. Does your writing even matter?

Author Colleen M. Story, a long-time professional writer and writing coach, helps you decide whether you truly have a writer’s DNA. She examines why you feel pressured to make money with your work, why the search for a readership is both motivating and discouraging, and why it’s so common to doubt yourself along the way.

Step by step, you’ll gain a clear-eyed view at the challenges a writer faces in the outside world, while taking your own journey inward to discover what writing really means to you.

Should you continue on this path, or adjust your course now before it’s too late? Don’t waste your precious time in indecision. Let Your Writing Matters guide you to your truth and you’ll never look back again.  


My Review

Your Writing Matters Takes Readers on an In-Depth, Informed Journey of Soul Searching. I love the author's writing style. She does a fantastic job breaking down the subject of becoming/being/finding success as a writer--and reminding readers of the many factors, benefits, pitfalls, etc., of choosing writing as a career or as a passionate pursuit. Through quizzes for readers, well place questions, many points to ponder, exercises to consider and complete--and many examples and resources for further thought--this book is the perfect book for anyone considering (or reconsidering) becoming a writer.


Readers Will Find Loads of Reinforced Ideas as the Book Progresses. Some passages are a bit redundant from time to time as the author re-introduces previous ideas through furthered examples or additional points. I found this repetition helpful! Sometimes, we need to hear the same advice in multiple ways as we work through self-doubt and reflection to accept or understand the concepts relative to our lives. Writers facing doubt or challenges will undoubtedly relate to every section of this book--and will definitely find guidance in restructuring their writing life.


Would I Recommend Your Writing Matters by Colleen M. Story? This book is another guide for writers that I will keep on my bookshelf and re-visit when self-doubt or fears enter my mind. I think this is a must-have for writers and those working or considering other creative pursuits. Story's down to Earth, relatable writing style, and accurate, working knowledge of the field make this an inspiring, educational, and valuable resource for the writer's resource shelf! 

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About the Author

Colleen M. Story inspires writers to overcome modern-day challenges and find creative fulfillment in their work. Her book on author platforms, "Writer Get Noticed!," was a gold-medal winner in the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards and a first-place winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards. "Overwhelmed Writer Rescue" was named Book by Book Publicity’s Best Writing/Publishing Book in 2018 and was an Amazon bestseller. Her novel, "Loreena’s Gift," was a Foreword Reviews' INDIES Book of the Year Awards winner, among others.

Colleen frequently serves as a workshop leader and motivational speaker, where she helps attendees remove mental and emotional blocks and tap into their unique creative powers. Her first course, “How to Finish the Creative Projects You Start,” is available on Teachable.

Go to Colleen's website for free chapters of her books.

connect with the author: website ~ twitter ~ goodreads

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  1. Thanks so much, Angela! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. :O) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with readers. I would be grateful if you would post this review on Amazon as well. That's where I sell most of my books and where I really need the support. (They will accept reviews of advanced copies.) Thanks again for your thorough review and best of luck with your writing. :O)

  2. This sounds very motivational and inspirational! Thanks for sharing.