Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Tacos and Chocolate Diet: How to Live a Bold, Adventurous, and Intentional Life Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway



The Tacos and Chocolate Diet: How to Live A Bold, Adventurous, And Intentional Life

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About the Book


I want you to find joy. I want you to live the best life you can live. Most of all, I want to help you accomplish both of these. In The Tacos and Chocolate Diet it’s my goal to generate hope, inspire action, and remind you to start making the important things important - starting with YOU. Everything you're looking for can be attained with the action plan inside these pages. Everything comes down to you. I wrote this book to help people start living a bold, adventurous, and intentional life. That’s what we all want, right? We want to live on purpose. We want to make a small change that helps us start living the life we want. Let's get started living life to its fullest. Don’t be confused by the title. This is not a book to help you lose weight. The Tacos and Chocolate Diet is about taking action to live your best life. And I'll be there, right along with you.


My Review


The Tacos and Chocolate Diet Offers Readers Insights and Reminders for Intentional Living. For many years, I have read work from and listened to many well-known motivational speakers and inspirational "coaches"--all in that elusive effort to live life to the fullest. I have tried to "win the day", set up detailed morning routines, and spent many years making lists, journaling, and planning my days to "change the direction of my life." The title of this book brought a smile---but I wasn't sure what it would actually offer that I haven't already read, tried (and failed) at some point. After a few pages, the author pulled me into his story: the real who he is, why he is and how he found his path to happiness. While he references many of the same thoughts and familiar ideas (like creating mornings and Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule), he offers many insights into his own experiences, personal feelings, struggles, challenges, and successes. Just like finding balance with a chocolate and taco diet--he really offers strong reminders for readers that intentional living and happiness manifest differently for everyone. 


Not a Guidebook--Yet I Think it Is. The author doesn't intend a self-help guidebook or plan--but, he sets a very simple, direct groundwork that readers can certainly take away for personal use. Choosing to make the important things important in your life seems obvious--but, the concept and value of starting with You hit home for me as the author told his story. From setting priorities, challenging comfort zones, finding faith, and creating a routine/life that works for the individual--the author touches on many of the skills and realizations that readers need to move toward a more adventurous, intentional life. Sometimes the best self-help is realizing that you aren't alone--and gaining a real-world perspective from another real-world person. 


Would I Recommend The Tacos and Chocolate Diet by Drew Myers?   For readers interested in intentional living--and finding a path to living life to the fullest--but feeling a bit tired and let down by the processes--this book may be just what you need to give the whole thing one more try. Myers writes with a very conversational, memoir-style tone--dotted with humor and filled with honesty and real-life. I enjoyed the book--and will revisit some of the author's thoughts as I re-work my own path toward happiness. 


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