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Juno and the Lady Book Spotlight & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have a young adult fantasy novel in our book spotlight!  Check out Juno and the Lady, learn about author G.J. Kemp, read an excerpt, and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Fantasy

Date Published: 16th September 2021

Publisher: SilverWood Ltd

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About the Book


Juno’s beloved Petra is dead.

Petra’s replacement, the mysterious Lady, has put Juno’s best friend Tilly under a dark spell that has left Juno with nobody she can trust.

With only Chax, her kitten, for company, Juno escapes from her school to a town at the bottom of the cliffs.

A town ruled by men.

Alone, scared, and without friends, Juno feels an unknown power growing inside her. A power she knows she will one day have to harness. With all lost, a dark figure from within the shadows cups her mouth and whispers in her ear to keep quiet.

Juno joins her new friends but just as she starts to learn how the world really works, the ill-tempered Dr Viktor demands an audience.

Juno and the Lady is a young woman’s journey into a land of the old ways, where men rule, and women are property.

With unlikely friendships, forbidden love and burning magic, can Juno change the conventions of old? Can she save the town? And will she figure out who the Lady truly is?


Read an Excerpt

Juno extended her Jo, hooked it behind Miles’s feet and pulled, bringing him to the ground. Her Jo pointing at his throat, Juno smiled. ‘Girls can fight too, you know.’

Miles held both hands up. ‘They shouldn’t have to fight.’

Juno offered him a hand. ‘It is not up to you to tell us what to do any more, Miles. Chloe is our leader. She leads me, and right now she leads you too.’

Miles grabbed Juno’s hand and pulled himself to his feet.

‘We are not weak little girls, Miles. Look around you. Who is saving who here?’

Miles placed his hands behind his back and looked up into the sky. After a moment he looked at Juno. ‘It is all I know. Dr Viktor taught me I should always protect women and they should never fight.’

A smile spreading across her face, Juno spread her hands. ‘And tell me, Miles, who is going to protect you from me?’

A smile crept across Miles’s face. He reached up and scratched the back of his head. ‘It seems the teacher has become the pupil.’



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About the Author

A nomad at heart, GJ has lived in nine countries across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His career has included working as a Divemaster in The Red Sea, a zookeeper in Israel, and a proofreader in Sweden.Born with cerebral palsy, GJ has spent a lifetime trying to tie his shoelaces while standing up in the hope of not falling over.  It is a constant challenge, but sometimes he occasionally succeeds.Finding the love for writing later in life, GJ spends most of his free time going for walks and dreaming of story ideas.  He hopes to one day have a small place on the oceanfront where he can walk his dogs on the beach.For more information please visit


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Twitter: @kemp_gj


Instagram: gjkempauthor


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