Saturday, July 9, 2022

The Self Publishing Guru: Book Marketing Resources for New Authors Book Review

This morning, I wanted to share something for writers in our book review featured spot!  I recently had the opportunity to read and review The Self-Publishing Guru:  Book Marketing Resources for New Authors from the Book Marketing with a Bang! by The Book Marketer.  Learn about the book and check out my thoughts in this book review spotlight.

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About the Book

Do you want a career as a successful author?

You may have worked out how to get your book published for free and launch it on the world’s biggest retailer platforms — but you still need to make people buy it. Which is not always so easy! There are a million blog posts recommending the latest book marketing tips and tricks, but where do you start? How do you find the real book marketing secrets?

The Self-Publishing Guru is a list of must-have tools for new authors. As established authors, we offer you the benefit of our experience in sharing the most efficient and cost-effective resources to develop your author platform. Not everyone can afford a publicist and self-publishing on a budget is a reality for most new authors. We hope this free self-publishing guide will help you.

Start developing your self-publishing empire with this list of the most effective resources available to authors.


My Review


The Self Publishing Guru offers an Easy Use / Easy to Understand Guide for New Writers. With short chapters--the authors of this marketing guide for self-published authors hit the highlights of a wide range of marketing options, to-do tasks, and ideas. The guide, written in a very organized manner, recommends some tried and true resources and options and serves as a great starting point for new authors venturing into self-publishing and self-marketing. 


The Self Publishing Guru Covers a lot of Material in a Short Time. From finding virtual assistants for outsourcing tasks to finding book reviewers, connecting with potential readers via social media, newsletters, groups, and more--as well as learning about editing and design and podcasts--this book is a great launching point for your book marketing efforts. Each chapter is short, direct, and to the point--but really does offer some unique and beneficial ideas and resources.


Would I Recommend The Self Publishing Guru: Book Marketing Resources for New Authors? I loved the layout of this book and found myself making some notes, visiting some resources, and learning about some new things. The book highlights just a few resources relative to each chapter. Still, those few will allow new authors to explore options and ideas along with The Self Publishing Guru's recommendations. Some of the resources and links do generate affiliate income for the book creators. I would definitely recommend this book as a quick read to dive into the world of marketing for self-publishers. Readers will also find additional resources, courses, and suggestions for further learning toward the end of the book.  

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