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Book Review Spotlight: A Lion in the Grass by Mark Zvonkovic

The Raymond Hatcher Stories have been at the top of my reading list this week!  As part of the Belinda book tour, I was given the opportunity to read the first three books of the series.  Today, I am sharing my review of A Lion in the Grass!  Check out this adult fiction novel, learn about the series and author Mark Zvonkovic, read my thoughts on this book--and plan to stop back this week for reviews of the other two books listed below!  Be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

​Book Title:  A Lion in the Grass (The Raymond Hatcher Stories/Book One) by Mark Zvonkovic
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  333 pages
Genre: Literary Fiction 
Publisher:  Dos Perro Press 
Release date:  August 2020
Content Rating:  PG13+M: The book has mature themes associated with wartime violence and not-explicit sex scenes.

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About the Book

Set over the course of six decades, A Lion in the Grass documents the despair and hope of a spy who suffers the murder of friends and enjoys the success of mentoring protégés.

​The story is told through alternative viewpoints of Raymond, his protégés, and the French villain. The novel digs deeply into questions of love, self-doubt and hatred, all foisted upon Raymond during a career from which, he discovers, it is impossible to retire.

My Review


You will find a historical life adventure detailed in Raymond's stories. Raymond's stories shared through A Lion in the Grass take readers through time in an around-the-world experience detailing decades of his life as a man and a spy. As the main character moves from mission to mission, country to country, and life stage to life stage, the storylines introduce a host of characters--some for a brief period, some for a lifetime--that all play roles in the development of Raymond Hatcher. The author presents Raymond's story in historically placed settings with enough detail to transport the reader--but enough mystery to sometimes tread the unknown with his characters.


A Lion in the Grass is a Life Story. I am not always a huge fan of military spy novels and international thrillers--but this novel was undoubtedly the exception. A Lion in the Grass is a story of relationships, friendships, loyalty, and life--some developed during spy missions--some formed and strengthened through loss. This story's heart is the characters, glimpses of human nature, and experiences. While revenge is certainly a theme of the novel--it is done in a tasteful way that fits the characters and their lives.


Would I Recommend A Lion in the Grass? This novel was an unexpected page-turner that I couldn't put down. While the book is not based on non-stop action scenes--there is a non-stop life story playing out day by day--decade by decade--that is impossible to set aside. The novel is built at times on coincidences driving the plot and was a little vague and confusing from time to time--but these elements fit the nature of Raymond's mysterious life story as a spy. If you enjoy historical fiction and memoirs--with some spy thriller dramas--this novel is a blend that works well. It keeps you drawn to the story at hand and attached enough to the characters and lives to move on to the next book! 


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​Book Title:  Belinda (The Raymond Hatcher Stories/Book Three) by Mark Zvonkovic
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  276 pages
Genre: Literary / Legal Thriller 
Publisher:  Dos Perro Press 
Release date:  June 2022
Content Rating:  PG13+M because it involves mature themes, occasional mild profanities, non-explicit sex scenes and mild violence.

"You will keep turning pages not just for the pleasure of his writing, but because you simply have to know what happens next." — Mark Pryor, author of Die Around Sundown and the Hugo Marston series

Belinda is a thrilling novel with gripping layers of legal and corporate intrigue, but it’s Zvonkovic’s character work and timely themes that propel the narrative to new heights. Part romance, part legal drama, Zvonkovic blends genres and defies expectations with each turn of the page, ultimately creating an emotional exploration of justice, purpose, and legacy.” — James Wade, Spur Award-winning author of River, Sing Out

“Fans of characters such as Tom Clancy’s John Clark, as well as other readers who are interested in the techno-thriller genre, should find Belinda to be a thoroughly captivating and satisfying read.” — David Loux, Author of Chateaux Laux   

“A spy thriller meets legal fiction meets romance novel.” — Kirkus Reviews

About the Book

Set in the conference rooms of a white-shoe Houston law firm and the stunning coastline of Baja California, Belinda is the story of a woman’s bravery and resourcefulness at the end of her brilliant career. Her decision to fight her firm’s men in suits who demand her retirement is called into question when a man once her lover appears after a long unexplained absence.

Against a backdrop of romance and legal drama, the novel explores questions about love, the law, and the anxious precipice of life change. Is it ever too late to be swept away by romance? Can true justice ever be attained when the law’s practitioners are corrupt? And when your work is what defines you, what’s left after retirement?

​During a week of surprises and abstruse events, Belinda sees the once presumed greatness of her life flicker as she forces the moment for her decision to a crisis. 

​Book Title:  The Narrows (The Raymond Hatcher Stories/Book Two) by Mark Zvonkovic
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  306 pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller 
Publisher:  Dos Perro Press 
Release date:  November 2020
Content Rating:  PG13: The book has a couple of non-explicit sex scenes and very mild violence.

About the Book

A harrowing extraction of members of a religious cult goes awry.

Junior high teacher Larry Brown teams up with experienced extractor nicknamed Black Lightning to rescue his cousin from a cult. But the mission is complicated by Larry’s unfaithful girlfriend and the drowning of another cult member in the Charles River. And then Larry’s cousin isn’t as willing as Larry hoped. These events work together on a day in a family vacation home on Cape Cod to turn Larry’s world upside down.

Spanning a ten-day period, The Narrows chronicles the personal and social challenges that took place during the cultural transformation of the 1970s.

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About the Author

Mark Zvonkovic is a writer who lives in Rosarito Beach, Baja California Mexico with his wife Nancy and their two dogs. Finn and Cooper. He has written three novels, and he also writes book reviews and essays that appear in online publications. Before retiring to Mexico, Mark practiced law for thirty-five years at three multinational law firms in Houston, Texas and New York City. He attended college at Southern Methodist University and Boston University, and his law degree is from SMU School of Law. Mark grew up as an oil company brat and lived in Latin America, Texas and New York.

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