Thursday, April 27, 2023

Literary Fiction Review: The Golden Manuscripts by Evy Journey

This morning, I have a literary novel in our book review spotlight.  Check out The Golden Manuscripts from the Between Two Worlds series, learn about author Evy Journey, read my thoughts on the novel and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

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About the Book

Clarissa Martinez, a biracial young woman, has lived in seven different countries by the time she turns twenty. She thinks it’s time to settle in a place she could call home. But where?

She joins a quest for the provenance of stolen illuminated manuscripts, a medieval art form that languished with the fifteenth century invention of the printing press. For her, these ancient manuscripts elicit cherished memories of children’s picture books her mother read to her, nourishing a passion for art.

Though immersed in art, she’s naïve about life. She’s disheartened and disillusioned by the machinations the quest reveals of an esoteric, sometimes unscrupulous art world. What compels individuals to steal artworks, and conquerors to plunder them from the vanquished? Why do collectors buy artworks for hundreds of millions of dollars? Who decides the value of an art piece and how?

And she wonders—will this quest reward her with a sense of belonging, a sense of home?



My Review

The Golden Manuscripts Crosses Time and Genres. This novel is a unique read. The book flows between historical fiction and coming of age with a bit of romance and a lot of self-discovery, reflection, and life introspection. The author takes readers on a quest to return looted Medieval manuscripts to their home and a quest to help a young woman find her own place and home in the world. As the main character, Clarissa searches for the lost manuscripts and ponders the value and significance of such treasures; she navigates her own path toward finding herself and a place to feel at home.


The Golden Manuscripts is a Stand Alone Novel. While part of a larger series, this novel is a stand-alone story with its own characters and storyline. I've read The Shade Under the Mango Tree from this series and enjoyed it. While it is similar in theme to The Golden Manuscripts--I felt much more drawn to Clarissa's character and the flow of this story. The story moves evenly and thoughtfully as Clarissa seeks a resolution to the quest at hand and to her life's path in general. 


Would I Recommend The Golden Manuscripts by Evy Journey? This story isn't an action-packed, adventurous thriller. It isn't (entirely) historical fiction. It isn't really a coming-of-age novel or contemporary romance novel, either. It is a story that takes readers on a discovery mission as the main character seeks insights from cultural elements, art, supporting characters, and the world around her to find her own place. I recommend this novel to fans of thoughtful literary fiction--and I will likely pick up a few more of the books from this series too.




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Meet the Author

Evy Journey writes. Stories and blog posts. Novels that tend to cross genres. She’s also a wannabe artist, and a flâneuse.

Evy studied psychology (M.A., University of Hawaii; Ph.D. University of Illinois). So her fiction spins tales about nuanced characters dealing with contemporary life issues and problems. She believes in love and its many faces.

Her one ungranted wish: To live in Paris where art is everywhere and people have honed aimless roaming to an art form. She has visited and stayed a few months at a time.



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