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Thriller Book Review: Underneath the Fireflies by Marianne Scott

I love mysteries and thrillers--especially those with paranormal and cultural elements guiding the storyline.  Today, I have a thriller from author Marianne Scott to share!  Check out Underneath the Fireflies, read my thoughts on the book, learn about the author & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

​Book Title:  Underneath the Fireflies by Marianne Scott
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  496 pages
Genre: Murder Mystery / Thriller
PublisherCrowe Creations
Release date:  January 2023
Content Rating:  PG-13 - Colloquial expressions in dialogue.


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About the Book

No matter where Grace Walker goes, her extra sensory power goes with her. She's an empath and she sees things -- terrible things. After a tragic accident at the place where she works, she decides to take a mental-health break on a remote West Coast island. But she no sooner gets to Galliano Island when a vision of the murder of an Indigenous woman draws her into a disturbing and threatening dilemma.
My Review


Underneath the Fireflies Brings Readers Mystery From Cover to Cover. As I read this novel, I wondered if it was part of a series and if I had missed or forgotten the details of an earlier boo! The author brought readers a bit of mystery surrounding Grace Walker and the backstory from her employer and coworkers she left behind as she took her "holiday" to visit her parents on Galliano Island. I don't think I missed a book--but I would certainly be willing to catch up on the events leading up to Grace's vacation with other novels. The novel wraps up the island mystery nicely--but left me wishing I had more of Grace's adventures to read!


Scott Uses a Unique Writing Style in this Thriller. This novel jumps between characters, locations, backgrounds, and scenes--giving readers varied perspectives on the events as they unfold. While Grace is the novel's main character, the story is told through many characters and short chapters dedicated to setting locations, backstories, paranormal elements, quick action scenes, and pieces of the mystery's puzzle. The novel is long, but the short chapters and perspective changes keep the information, action, and storyline exciting and engaging.  


Would I Recommend Underneath the Fireflies by Marianne Scott? This novel was a book that began with a mysterious edge, bridged a paranormal/natural world setting, solved a primary murder mystery, and left me feeling that more mystery lurked. I loved it. While I can't say I loved any one part of the novel or preferred any characters over others--I loved the flow and blending of the many pieces of the story. For fans of paranormal mysteries or thrillers with spiritual/metaphysical connections, this book is one for your reading list.

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​Book Title: Reinhardt by Marianne Scott
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  224 pages
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
PublisherCrowe Creations
Release date:  October 2022
Content Rating:  PG-13 - mild profanity as in street dialogue
About the Book

He's a Cold War spy hiding from one of his own. His real identity is tied to a treacherous past associated with American intelligence operations closed down after the end of the Cold War, and his enemy is relentless. All he has to do is change his name. Right? Wrong. Very wrong. Felix has eyes and ears everywhere.
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Meet the Author
Marianne Scott is the Canadian author of four mystery thrillers and is currently working on her fifth novel, a sci-fi/thriller. She has a BA and a Diploma in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University. She studied creative writing through Conestoga College and Humber College. She enjoys writing workshops such as those offered by Brian Henry, publisher of blog, Quick Brown Fox and One Lit Place, a writers’ hub by creator/editor Jenna Kalinsky. She has an author’s website and blog. She is a full-time writer who lives in the historic small Canadian village of Hespeler Ontario (now amalgamated with the city of Cambridge).  

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