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Thriller Review: The Registration by Madison Lawson

Today, I have a different sort of thriller in our book review spotlight.  Check out The Registration, learn about author Madison Lawson, and read my thoughts on the book.

​Book TitleThe Registration (a Novel) by Madison Lawson
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  320 pages
Publisher:  CamCat Books
Release date:  September 2022
Content RatingPG-13 + MThere is violence, including a torture scene, and some language, as well as mention of domestic violence, abuse, murder, and abortions. 

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About the Book

You can’t outrun the Registration.

Imagine it’s legal to commit one murder in your lifetime⎯if you Register the victim and accomplish the kill within fourteen days. So when Lynell Mize stands in line to Register the man who abused her as a child, she’s shocked to hear a stranger Register her to be killed. Why would anyone who doesn't know her squander his one legal murder on her? Desperate to survive the next two weeks, she must find out who wants to kill her⎯and why.

​Easier said than done as Lynell soon discovers that multiple strangers have used their Registration on her. Along the way, she reunites with her estranged husband who is determined to dig up a past Lynell prefers to keep buried. With only days left to live, Lynell fights to uncover the truth and survive a destiny not of her choosing.
My Review

The Registration is a Fast Paced, Unique Thriller. The author pulls readers into the fast-paced plot within a few pages and keeps the pace rolling along with action-packed scenes, secrets, and mysterious thrills. The main character, Lynell, planning originally to place a registration on a victim--finds herself on a life-or-death adventure to outrun her own registration for murder. Fans of novels and movies like The Hunger Games and The Purge will enjoy the different political, social, and dystopian thriller elements the author explores as she creates Lynell's world. As with other successful new-world-as-we-know-it thrillers, this one makes a fictional fantasy scenario that is just uniquely possible enough to feel too realistic. 


Readers will find Well Connected Scenes and Well Developed Characters and Relationships. As the action builds for Lynell, readers will learn pieces of her past and her background through a combination of flashback memories and revelations that the characters uncover and reveal. Lynell's character is likable--and seems very strong and believable at times in the novel. Sometimes, however, she was slightly inconsistent and less realistic than I would have liked in dialogue and character. The author does an excellent job keeping the novel moving with an air of mystery as the main character tries to stay alive in a world where she isn't sure anyone can be trusted. Pieces fall into place--but the ending still holds some dangling threads that aren't entirely tied.

Would I Recommend The Registration by Madison Lawson? I enjoyed the novel's basis, the action-packed pace, and the character interactions creating the plot. Fans of dystopian thrillers will enjoy the characters, secrets, and twists that emerge as the story progresses. I would have liked a more defined ending--but I would also be more than willing to read more from this author should this turn into a series. 


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Meet the Author

Author Madison Lawson writes speculative fiction novels full of suspense, social commentary, and complex relationships. She has published a dozen short stories, many of which won awards such as the Koresh Award and the Gordone Award. She received her B.A. in English from Texas A&M University and is currently earning her M.A. in English at North Carolina State University. Born and raised in a small Texas town, Madison began escaping through reading and writing as soon as she could.

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