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Self Help Book Review: Living with Depression by Deborah Serani

This morning, I have a psychology self help book in our book review spotlight. Check out Living with Depression, learn about author Deborah Serani, read my thoughts on the book and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Details:
Book Title:  Living with Depression by Deborah Serani
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 254 pages
Genre:  Self-Help, Psychology
Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield
Release date:   September 11, 2023
Content Rating:  PG: Trigger issues like suicide and non suicidal self injury. Choice words used but rarely.

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About the Book

In the fully updated second edition of Living with Depression, Serani outlines the various forms of depression, describes the different treatments, and outlines methods for living with depression and getting the help you or a loved one needs. However, since the first edition was published, much has changed in the landscape of depression including diagnostic aspects, new disorders, treatments and research, and Deborah Serani covers it all. Tips on how to choose a good therapist, negotiate the labyrinth of healthcare, and minimize stigma are addressed, as is learning how to use biology and biography as tools of empowerment. There is no other book that offers what Living with Depression – giving readers a dual perspective of what it’s like to know depression as a clinician and as a patient.
My Review


Living With Depression Offers Readers a Valuable Mental Health Resource. The author brings a unique perspective to this guide on living with depression. She is both a psychologist and a depression patient. The author covers the ins and outs of depression from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and management of the condition--and many of the pieces of the path that depression sufferers walk during their mental health journey. The author doesn't present one aspect of healing to readers--she offers a pretty broad view of living with depression, including the interrelated biological, psychological, and societal aspects, as well as her personal experiences and journey.  


Living with Depression Gives Readers Insights into Depression. Living with depression varies from sufferer to sufferer and family to family. This book presents a relatively clinical view of depression, educating readers about the many aspects and considerations of the illness--without guiding the reader toward a specific self-help path. Readers can learn a lot about living with depression--whether personally or as a caregiver or support person--and pick up many resources to help them move through life touched by depression. 


The Author Gives Readers a Lot to Consider in a Rather Concise Book. Readers need to understand that they are not alone in their journey with depression. This sentiment is an excellent message for those new to facing depression. Understanding that depression is common--and that there are resources available and treatment options--is so essential to those new to facing depression. This book offers a lot of information in a concise space.  Unfortunately, having an appendix dedicated to listing famous people with mood disorders didn't add anything to the usefulness of this book. Aside from the few pages of resources in Appendix B, I felt that the book's last quarter offered little to most self-help book readers.


Would I Recommend Living with Depression by Deborah Serani? The author brings much information to those new to understanding and living with depression. For those more experienced with life with depression and mental health issues--there is a little less to gain from the material in this book. Overall, the author presents the information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use manner that is valuable to readers. I would recommend the book to families facing a new depression diagnosis--especially those interested in a broader understanding of the illness, causes, symptoms, and its treatment.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Deborah Serani is a psychologist, professor and an award-winning author, writing about psychological issues. Serani has books published in several genres including non-fiction, self-help, children's picture books and fiction.

Connect with the author:  ​​website ~twitter ~facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

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