Tuesday, May 5, 2020

One Book Blitz Spotlight

Today, I am joining the book blitz for wellness guide, One!  Check out the book & learn about the author!

Non-Fiction / Wellness Guide
Date Published: March 3, 2020

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About the Book
We are all looking for balance and happiness in life. Today’s society certainly isn’t making it any easier to achieve that elusive blend of health, success and well-being.

ONE is the ultimate wellness guide on balance between Body and Mind, a winning combo of 22 therapists, handpicked by Mirav Tarkka, on the subject of improving your well-being. Accessible, easy to read and full of practical tips this is book is a must have, a perfect mix of storytelling and hands-on advice on getting to live the life you deserve.

The book talks about different areas of life; nutrition, creativity, sexuality, stress, communication, power finding and creating and lots more are covered to give you a comprehensive insight on the connection between body and mind.

Read an Excerpt

When I was asked to edit ONE, I immediately accepted not really knowing what I was letting myself in for. I have edited many wellness articles and books so naturally I expected something similar. It turned out I was very wrong. Editing this book has been an extraordinary journey, it was in fact emotional and at times extremely confronting. Each author has an incredibly strong story, they have written from the heart and have shared their most difficult moments with you, the reader. It takes courage to stand up and admit to the world that your life is, or in this instance was, far from perfect and yet all of them have grown from their experiences. 

I am no stranger to challenges, parenting a child that has a lot of trauma, balancing work with being a mom and wife, it takes its toll. We all get lost in our day to day lives until we realise that there is more to life. But often we are unsure where to start, there are so many books, blogs, podcasts and therapies out there. It is a sure sign that there is a need for the information. ONE has managed to capture 22 different ways of bringing more balance to your life. 

Every chapter gave me practical tools to improve my way of living, easy and accessible. After each chapter, I felt inspired, encouraged that yes, I too can get more out of life but even more importantly, I felt I deserved it. 

I am convinced this book can change people, change their way of living but most of all it can teach people to love themselves. I am very grateful I was asked to work on this project, I have edited the book in such a way that each author kept their voice and their message and the result is as extraordinary as it gets.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed editing it. 

Read it, pass it on to your friends and family or give it as a gift because truly, there is no better gift than the book that keeps on giving. 

ONE is unique in every single way!

With love and gratitude

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About the Author

Mirav Tarkka is the bestselling author of Undefeatable, founder of Pepper Coaching and host of ONE – the online wellness tv show. She is the brainchild behind ONE the ultimate wellness book written by 20 different experts. A book on the balance between Body and Mind explained from different angles. From how to live life orgamiscally, to releasing your chakras, Chinese medicine, nutrition and the power of words are just some of the subjects covered in the book.

Through her life, Mirav has had her fair share of breakdown moments. She had to rebuild her life from scratch many times while dealing with a roller coaster of emotions, wars, challenges and pain, but she kept going - no matter what.
Through her own profound personal journey, she discovered the power of the mind to be not less important than that of the body. Mirav then created a method which combines strengthening the body while sharpening the mind, in order to help people around the world use their true, raw, authentic power, unleash their inner strength while working on their mind muscles so that they can enjoy every aspect of life to their fullest potential.

Connect with the Author
email mirav@peppercoaching.online

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