Friday, November 12, 2021

Ponce Book Reivew & Book Tour Giveaway

 This morning, I have a historical fiction novel in our book review spotlight.  Read my thoughts on author Jim Halverson's satirical look at Ponce:  What Actually Happened at the Fountain of Youth, learn about the book and author & be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Ponce: What Actually Happened at the Fountain of Youth by Jim Halveron
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 164 pages
Genre: Satire / Historical Fiction
Publisher: Gail Force Publishing
Release Date: November 2021
Content Rating:  G - Mentions of violence, but nothing specific. No language.

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About the Book

Two Florida State geology students found the pages written by Ponce de Leon’s chronicler in a dry limestone cave in the northwest panhandle. The original Spanish papers, five hundred years old, were found in relatively good shape, protected from time and moisture in a heavy triple-walled leather case. They chronicle Ponce de Leon’s second expedition to Florida in search of the fountain of youth.
My Review


Ponce Offers Readers Fictional Views of Both Sides of the Historical Story.  I enjoyed the author's research and efforts in providing both sides of the story between Ponce de Leon's Spanish crew and the natives they encountered. It was fun to watch both sides attempting to outsmart the other--and facing some realizations along the way. The author creates a very well-done story blending his fictionalized chronicle of events with the historical context of the time.  

Readers will Find Life Lessons Dotting the Storyline. As the author intertwines the lives and experiences of Ponce's men and the natives--he allows both sides to learn from the experiences along the way. While fictionalized, the story feels real as readers experience the humorous exchanges and successes/defeats of the characters and some empathy, fears, and soul-searching style realizations.

Would I Recommend Ponce by Jim Halverson? I really enjoyed the book and the author's portrayal of the search for the Fountain of Youth. The book is short, easy to follow, and entertaining enough to keep readers following the adventures. It felt more like a middle-grade fiction book than an adult novel at times, but it was certainly easy to enjoy the clean, humorous read. I would certainly share it with middle school-aged readers who enjoy historical fiction with relatable, contemporary life lessons.


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About the Author

Jim Halverson grew up in the rural, gold-mining town of Mokelumne Hill, CA and received his MBA from Golden Gate University. He spent part of his life on a ranch and is an avid student of psychology. He recognizes the struggles of all men and women seeking equality and respect. Jim and his wife, Gail, spend their time traveling from their small farm in Forestville, CA.

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