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Spiritual Book Spotlight: The Book of the Sun by Jenny Rook

This morning, I have a spiritual book in our book spotlight!  Check out The Book of the Sun, learn about author Jenny Rook, and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Date Published:15 December 2022

Publisher: Serapis Bey Publishing

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about the book


‘Are these my thoughts or yours?’ I asked.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ said the Sun.  ‘You are me and I am you….’

The Book of the Sun is a record of the conversations between the author and the Sun.  It concerns the structure of the living universe, why it is so difficult here, and why we should all begin to realize that we are all one, and yet diverse at the same time.  It answers many questions that have concerned minds throughout the millennia.  Why are we here?  Why is there suffering?  What is the future for us?  These questions and many more are answered with many surprises for the reader.

This is a god- the Sun, speaking to us through this book – who has contacted us before in Ancient Egypt, the Americas and many other places.  But the message now is that there is no separation, so the Sun is very concerned that we should not make a religion out of this contact.  Religions are based on hierarchies, rules and judgments, and the Sun’s message is not only that we are one but that love and light is the only reality, with a spicing of laughter.



 about the author

Jenny Rook was born in Essex, UK and educated at York University, where she graduated with a degree in English and Music. Studying the greats of literature called a halt to her burgeoning desire to write. After various adventures in: the scrap trade; bookselling; helping run an employment agency; and having children, she settled back into her first love, writing. Her first fiction book Fly By Night (1989) was accepted by Headline, the first publisher she sent it to. This was the first of a fantasy trilogy and Headline wanted all three. All her fiction books are published under the name Jenny Jones. Two adult ghost novels followed, Where the Children Cry (1998) and The Blue Manor (1995) both published by Gollancz. Five other fantasy/horror books for teenagers were published by Scholastic (1994, 1995, 1997), Hodder (1995) and Orion (2000).

In 2006, Jenny qualified as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for children and their families. She worked mainly for the NHS and also volunteered for Sure Start (a UK government initiative to help with the early stages in a mother and baby’s relationship), before taking early retirement to look after her elderly mother. Jenny now lives with her husband, mother, and three dogs in the Cotswolds and writes nonfiction.

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