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Writer Self Help Book Review: Self-Publish a Book in 10 Steps by Hank Quense

This week, I have a couple of self help books for authors in our book review spotlight. Today, I have Self-Publish a Book in 10 Steps by Hank Quense.  Check out this nonfiction guide for self-publishers, learn about the author, read my thoughts on the book & enter the book tour giveaway at the end of this post. If you missed yesterday's review of Creating Stories, you can check that review out here!

Book Title:  Self-Publish a Book in 10 Steps: And Market It by Hank Quense
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 88 pages
GenreSelf Help ​
Publisher:  Strange Worlds Publishing
Release date:  Dec 1, 2021
Content Rating:  G 

About the Book

Self-publishing a book is difficult.

This book simplifies it by breaking down a self-publishing and marketing project into 10 steps. This step-by-step process will get your book published and initiate the pre-launch marketing.

Hank Quense has written and self-published over twenty books, both fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of the Author Blueprint Series of books. The Series concentrates on providing valuable guidance on fiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing. Self-publish a Book in 10 Steps is Book 6 in the series.

The book details such vital tasks as developing a compelling book description, building an author platform and getting book reviews to list a few.

Learn the ten-step process that will self-publish and market your book!
My Review

Perfect Resource for New Self Publishing Authors. Oddly enough, the opportunity to review this book arrived at the ideal time. I have been working through the early stages of a self-publishing plan for a nonfiction book that I've been writing pieces and parts of for some time. This self-publishing guide from Hank Quense is the perfect, easy-to-understand blueprint of helpful information for writers new to self-publishing. I love the author's teaching style as he writes each step of his 10-step process! This book covers some of the obvious--like needing cover art and writing a book blurb--but also some things that I still needed to fully consider, like sizing the book dimensions, packaging, and obtaining an ISBN. 



The Author Gives Well Organized, Easy to Understand Guidance to Readers. Quense dives into the self-publishing world in a very organized, concise manner that quickly packs a lot of information. Readers will learn about each step of the self-publishing process, from formatting to marketing. The author provides enough details to give the reader a decent understanding of the requirements of each step. Then, he provides very well-placed tips and suggestions from his experiences and preferences concerning each stage. I read the book from cover to cover and thoroughly plan to revisit it, step by step, when it's time for me to begin my own self-publishing process. While it may not be an all-inclusive guide to self-publication, it is undoubtedly a valuable resource as I move through each step!


Would I Recommend Self-Publish a Book in 10 Steps by Hank Quense? Self-publishing is much more detailed than simply uploading a manuscript and waiting for readers to buy a copy! This book is both eye-opening to the steps involved and reassuring that self-publication is within the reader's ability! This book's writing style and structure are easy to read and understand and vital to new self-publishers learning the process. I recommend this book to new writers interested in self-publishing, especially those seeking to launch their first novel from manuscript to marketed work. This book is going on my e-book shelf to reference step by step as I work through my first self-published piece.


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Interested in Creating a Fictional Story?

Book Title:  Creating Stories by Hank Quense
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 106 pages
GenreSelf Help, ​
Publisher:  Strange Worlds Publishing
Release date:  April 1, 2017
Content Rating:  G 

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About the Book

Do you have a story in you?

Do you know how to write it or how to tell it? Creating Stories has the answers. Hank Quense, the author of more than twenty books, tells you how to do it. He believes that stories come from the melding of three elements: getting ideas, story design and story-telling. Ideas have to come from the author. Creating Stories covers the last two. The book concentrates on developing characters including such rarely discussed requirements such as a dominant reader emotion and the character's biography. Plots are also covered in depth and a number of graphics are included to illustrate complex points. Another topic discusses subplots and how to utilize them and how to nest them within the main plot. A separate chapter discusses the relationship between the plot and the emotional arcs. Other topics covered are: character arcs, scene design, point-of-view, writing voice.

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Read a Guest Post from the Author

Creating a story

 by Hank Quense

Creating a story is a complex undertaking, no matter what type of story it is. One of the basic issues aspiring story creators have to face is where to start and how to go about putting the story elements together. After all, the writer has to deal with character, plots, scenes, setting and more elements. In the beginning, to many newbies, the task is almost overwhelming. And this issue applies to all types of stories: short stories, novels, memoirs, scripts, screenplays and more. No matter what type of story it is, it must deal with the same elements just mentioned.

The basic question many writers face is: Should I start with the character development? Or maybe the plot? Maybe I should get a setting first? This predicament can lead to mental paralysis.



I’ve been writing stories since the last century and I’ve face up to to this issue and I’ve conquered it by developing a process I use whenever I’m creating a story. I call the process Putting It All Together and I wrote a book describing my process. In total, the process involves nine steps. These steps are depicted in the mind-map.

What may come as a shock is the fact that I don’t start writing the first draft until Step 9. Getting to that point can take quite a while and involves a lot of preliminary work. In the case of a novel or other type of long story, developing the initial steps in the process can actually take a few months.

The process is detailed at length in the book and it is free download on my site Writers & Authors Resource Center. You can grab your copy by following this link:


Meet the Author

Hank Quense has self-published his books for over 12 years. His non-fiction books cover fiction writing (Creating Stories), self-publishing (How to Self-publish and Market a Book, Self-publish a Book in 10 Steps), marketing (Book Marketing Fundamentals) and author business (Business Basics for Authors).

He also lectures on these subjects in schools, libraries and on webinars.

Hank recently started The site provides solutions to pain points (problems) for fiction writers, self-publishing authors and authors who are trying to market their books.

Connect with the Author: Website X ~ Facebook Pinterest YouTube ~ BookBub ~ Goodreads

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